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The Latest Trends To Follow For Turkish Property Market

The Latest Trends To Follow For Turkish Property Market

How do you know about real estate Turkey? The property consultants in the country can feel
the pulse of the real estate market and its changing trends. Yes, the real estate market has
changed a lot. For example, when real estate Turkey meant property in Istanbul to new
investors looking up to new cities, Turkey’s real estate investment culture is changing for good.
Because real estate agents are aware of the new horizons, foreign buyers can trust them for
profitable investment. Explore Turkish Property Market deeper now!

Knowing the details of investment is essential to finding the right investment opportunities in
Turkey. If you have long been following the property trends in Turkey, you may have an idea
about the changing investment climate. Ever since the Turkish nationality through investment
laws have been changed by the Turkish government, the real estate market has seen a positive
influx. As a result, not only do buyers have more choices, but they can also expect higher


The Volatile Real Estate Turkish Property Market

The property market in Turkey is volatile. It has a lot of fresh energy in it. If you buy apartment
in Istanbul, you may have several choices. With new property development in almost all
corners of the country and foreign investment at an all-time high, you can gain big from the
evolving property market in Turkey. If you are eyeing a long-term property gain, you can look
up to the weak housing markets; they offer you the golden opportunity to leverage your
properties for long-term gains. First, however, consult a property dealer to know about the
region’s prospects you are eying for investment. Infrastructural development and tourism are
two major boosting factors for any property market.

The Volatile Real Estate Turkish Property Market

The Focus On Various Cities

Cities like Bodrum, Bursa, and Antalya are witnessing significant growth in terms of property
markets. There are several apartments for sale in Turkey. Foreign investors are willing to step
out of Istanbul for dynamic investment opportunities in various parts of Turkey. These cities
offer a lucrative chance of owning a villa for affordable prices. The infrastructural development
and connectivity make it easier for investors to invest here. Several cities have an international
airport, so transit is never an issue.

Commercial Property Vs. Residential Property

In the past year, there was a marginal fall in the construction of residential properties in Turkey.
While at the same time, the structure of commercial properties took off. So, if you are looking
for real estate investment for profit, the retail segment of properties also seems an attractive
option. With rapid development in various parts of the country, you can gain big from
commercial properties. Moreover, the rising trade and commerce activities are going to help
the commercial investments grow. Therefore, the time is ripe to buy apartment in Turkey.

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The Reduction In Tax Rates in Turkish Property Market

Real estate investors in Turkey have a reason to celebrate. The government has taken a bold
step ahead to make housing affordable for domestic and international property seekers. There
has been a 1% tax reduction for housing and a 5% tax reduction for other properties in Turkey.
So, it seems to be the right opportunity if you want to save big in terms of property tax
for Turkish property market.

The Reduction In Tax Rates in Turkish Property Market

The Increased Demand For Co-Working Spaces

Turkey is opening up to a co-working space culture. So, if you are looking into investing in real
estate in Turkey, you can invest in a commercial space and rentals by using it as a co-working
space. It is popular among small companies, IT firms, and start-ups. It has gained traction in
recent years, and the trend is expected to grow.

Factors That Home Buyers In Turkey Must Consider

When buying real estate in Turkish Property Market, you must consider the following factors.

Priorities– Every home buyer has their own set of preferences. If you are looking for
Turkish properties, start by having your own set of priorities. Whether you want to have
a small apartment or a vacation home helps your property dealer bring up relevant
properties if you have your requirements in your mind.


Factors That Home Buyers In Turkey Must Consider
The Layout Of Your Property– Turkey presents you with diverse types of properties. So,
think of your lifestyle and specific requirement before choosing the layout of the
property you would invest.

Some properties may have features like an eco-friendly environment, club, car parking facility,
security facilities, CCTV surveillance, earthquake-resistant building, swimming pool, etc. You can
get these amenities for property Istanbul. So, if you are aware of the latest trend for Turkey
property, you can make the right deals and clock in real estate gains.

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