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How to Apply for Turkish Citizenship Online?

How to Apply for Turkish Citizenship Online?


Citizenship Procedures

After a certain period of residence in our country, foreigners who meet certain conditions are entitled to apply for citizenship.

Once the right to apply is granted, nothing should be left to chance and the details must be skillfully and expertly calculated.

According to the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901, foreigners who wish to be naturalized may be admitted to Turkish citizenship by a decision of the Council of Ministers if they possess all of the following qualifications. However, having fully fulfilled these conditions does not grant the applicant an absolute right to be naturalized.

How Does The Application Process For Turkish Citizenship Work?

If you buy a real estate of at least 250.000 USD and apply to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre, your Turkish Citizenship request will be processed. The General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre checks that the properties sold are worth at least 250,000 USD. The Title Deed Office gives approval for citizenship within 3 to 7 days. As soon as your application is approved, we apply to the Immigration Office for a residence permit without making an appointment. After the approval of the Immigration Office, on the same day we apply to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs with a confirmation paper and residence permit. This process is followed at the Citizenship Information Offices in Istanbul and Ankara. Your application will be finalized within 30 days.

Turquoise Card System: Introduced in 2017 Turquoise card system for qualified people to employ in Turkey, scientists, artists and athletes in the country to attract foreign investors and capital in Turkey have own work and the obstacles they might encounter on the residence permit and enables the elimination of the long bureaucratic process system. It is also possible to apply for Turkish citizenship with this system. (Click to learn more about Turkuaz Card system.)

Owners of Real Estate and Residence Permit: a 5-year residence permit in Turkey in this field and with the permission of the 4 years spent in a continuous manner any property in Turkey can apply for citizenship. Article 11 of Law No. 5901 lists the requirements for an uninterrupted residence permit. There is no minimum amount for property value.

The Citizenship Acquired by Birth: Turkish mother and a Turkish father emerging from the Republic of Turkey within Turkey's borders is the easiest way to sign up to the register. According to the first article of the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 403, citizens born in a family whose parents are Turkish are entitled to citizenship at once. In addition, if a mother's and father's applications for Turkish citizenship are approved, the right is granted to the children. In addition, those who have lost Turkish citizenship may benefit from this right.

Citizenship Acquired Through Marriage: Many foreigners acquire Turkish citizenship after 3 years of marriage with a Turkish citizen. Applicants have certain conditions, such as maintaining marriage in the family union, avoiding behaviors that may harm marriage, and not posing a threat to national security or public order.

In the application, the application authority transfers the file to the citizenship application review commission. The Inspection Commission consists of representatives of the provincial directorate, provincial police directorate, provincial gendarmerie headquarters, provincial national education directorate and provincial directorate of social services under the chairmanship of the provincial governor or the deputy governor to be appointed, at least branch manager level. The Commission shall examine the files sent to it by the application authority and determine whether the conditions for citizenship application have been fulfilled. The commission, which determines that the conditions required in the law are fulfilled, prepares a report and sends it to the application authority to be sent to the Ministry of Interior. The application authority sends the citizenship application dossier together with its own opinion to the Ministry of Interior in order to take a decision on the basis of the request. The Ministry of Interior will also examine the merits and decide on the person's request to acquire Turkish citizenship.


  • e-Visa is a permit which gives access to Turkey.
  • It is an alternative to visas issued at our border offices and visas issued by our representatives.
  • Applicants can obtain their e-Visas by providing the necessary information and paying their e-Visa fees with the specified credit or debit card.

Following the successful completion of the application, the link to download the e-Visa is presented on the last stage of the application and sent to the applicant's e-mail address. Passport control officers can check their e-Visa information from their own systems at the border gates. However, users are advised to keep their e-Visa in print or digital form (tablet computer, smartphone, etc.) in case they fall offline.

Turkey to the requirements of the e-application for a tourist visa valid under non-commercial purposes. There is no application covering travels. For visa applications related to travel, foreign representative offices should be applied.

As in other visas, e-visa the right not to allow people to enter without specifying the reasons for Turkey retains.

People who want to keep more countries from time to receive e-visa in Turkey must apply to the Provincial Administration for Migration.

Outside the tourist and commercial purposes, work visa, student visa as annotated visa applicants, before traveling to Turkey, foreign representations regarding the Republic of Turkey (Embassy Consular Section or Consulate General) made through is mandatory.

In Turkey email if you stay longer than the time stipulated in your residence visa fined for you and / or your entry to Turkey for a certain period it shall be prohibited for a certain period in question to be put.

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