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What are Turkish Nationality Requirements? 

What are Turkish Nationality Requirements? 

If you're traveling to Turkey, according to the Turkish nationality requirements of the country where you live, you have a valid passport for both Turkey and must have a valid visa and you must take with you on your trip. To log in with e-Visa Turkey must meet some requirements of your travel document.


What Are The Requirements of Travelling to Turkey for Other Countries? 

Citizens of certain countries to travel to Turkey only need to pack an identity card for citizens of other countries need a valid passport will be a few months. In addition, the type of visa to apply for is not the same for residents of all countries. Usually, a digital visa is sufficient to apply online, but under certain circumstances, it is necessary to apply for the visa label on the passport at the Turkish embassy or consulate. Turkey has come to an agreement with all countries on the admissibility of electronic visas and is deficient in the e-visa travel for some purposes.

The passport must be kept of validity in 150 days on the day of your arrival in Turkey. You must first apply for a new passport with the district headquarters or the city council. Please note: You must wait with the application for the Turkish visa until you have received the new passport. You must enter the passport number of the new passport in the visa application.

Do you also have the citizenship of one of the countries listed below? Then you can also travel with your identity card and you do not need a valid passport. For most of these countries, their citizens are allowed to travel with an ID card but still have to apply for a visa to travel to Turkey (using this ID card). This concerns the identity cards of these countries as Portugal, Germany, Greece, France, Georgia, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Luxembourg, Malta, Belgium, Netherlands, and Ukraine.

If you have decided to become a Turkish citizen, there are many ways to achieve this.

Being a Dual Citizen in Turkey

Turkish law allows for multiple citizenship and passport holders of a given country. There are no provisions in Turkish laws that directly oblige citizens who have passports of this country and additional citizenship to choose one citizenship, refusing another.

If you are aware of dual citizenship and you want to get Turkish citizenship, the Turkish government is required that applicants for another citizenship informing the Turkish authorities as embassies. An original certificate of naturalization, a document confirming military service (for men), a marriage certificate (if applicable) and four photographs must be submitted to such a body.

Holders of multiple citizenships are not required to use a Turkish passport to enter and leave Turkey. Allowed to travel with a valid passport (or national ID card for some citizens).

Financial and Other Conditions

According to the 106th Presidential Decree of 2018 made new and significant amendments to the Implementing Regulation on the Turkish Citizenship Law. According to the new law removed the foreigners who acquired a property worth a minimum of 250,000 US dollars in Turkey can begin the procedures applying for Turkish citizenship.

In addition to buying a house worth a minimum of 250,000 US dollars, there are several other conditions for applying for Turkish citizenship:

  • The applicant has to guarantee that he will not sell the property for at least 3 years.
  • The value of the property must be at least 250,000 US dollars per applicant and should be assessed by a specially licensed surveyor.
  • The price of the goods must be paid and documented in a certain way.
  • The value and title of the property must be approved by the General Directorate of Land Registry.
  • The applicant has to obtain a residence permit which is special before applying for Turkish citizenship.
  • Other necessary documents have to be provided appropriately.

Applying for Turkish citizenship is a complex procedure and should be handled appropriately by a lawyer specializing in immigration and citizenship law.

Among the services of attorneys' offices is a licensed expert who prepares an opinion on the property while the real estate transaction is in progress and accompanies the title deed registration process, recommends that the property be purchased safely without having to bring the title deed to the property, to control the payment in order to comply with the requirements of the Turkish citizenship application, to register with the land registry, to request and receive the authority and letter to the land registry, to obtain the necessary documents.

Where to Apply for Being Turkish Citizen?

In accordance with Article 3 of the Procedures and Principles relating to obtaining Turkish citizenship for foreign investors in exceptional circumstances, the following bodies are entitled to consider applications for Turkish citizenship:

  • Provincial Office of Civil Registration and Citizenship
  • General Directorate of Civil Registration and Citizenship
  • Foreign representations of the Republic of Turkey (embassies, consulates general and consulates of the Republic of Turkey)

A foreign investor may apply to one of the aforementioned bodies to apply for Turkish citizenship for investment. Thus, de jure, applying for Turkish citizenship for investments in the foreign diplomatic mission of this country, it is not necessary to visit the host country.

Process and Documents for Submission of Advance Application

To start the process, you must first complete the application form. You must take into account the relevant financial criteria specified in the pre-application taking the necessary documents. The temporary application form includes the personal information of a foreign investor, including identification and contact details. Completion of this document means that the applicant expressly accepts access to the personal information of the Turkish government.

The regulation on amending the Law on Turkish Citizenship for September 2018 contains 6 (six) different investment options/criteria, the fulfillment of which is a prerequisite for obtaining Turkish citizenship. General documents for all types of declared criteria are listed below.

  • Copy of the passport of a foreign investor. This document must be translated into Turkish and notarized.
  • A copy of the residence permit (resident in Turkey / about another country's current place of residence or citizenship or residence) or a Turkish turquoise card should be mentioned in this document notarized. or turquoise card application process for obtaining a residence permit in Turkey, the acquisition of the latter to accelerate the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship it will be carried out simultaneously with the start of the process.
  • Consent letter ( This document must be submitted by a notary public and the applicant has to grant access to the Turkish authorities on the basis of the application to bank guarantees and securities records, as well as access to trade registry records and land registry records. In the document, the applicant has to expressly consent to the Turkish authorities to obtain copies and excerpts from the above records and exchange them among the relevant Turkish institutions.)
  • Receipt of the relevant civil service fee the amount of the civil service fee is 15 lira.
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