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Turkish Citizenship Conditions in 4 Title

Turkish Citizenship Conditions in 4 Title

While the work on the constitutional amendment continues in the Turkish Grand National Assembly, a new regulation on the amendment of the regulation on the implementation of the Turkish Citizenship law has been published. With this new regulation, the implementation of this law has changed. According to this regulation, foreigners who provide one of 5 different conditions, the decision of the Council of Ministers can gain Turkish citizenship. These conditions are as follows:

  1. Invest at least $ 2 million;
  2. To purchase at least $ 1 million of immovable and not sell it for 3 years;
  3. Create employment for at least 100 people
  4. At least 3 million of deposits in US dollar amounts in banks in Turkey for 3 years, to keep;
  5. Keep government debt instruments of at least $ 3 million for 3 years.

The conditions of Turkish citizenship are seen above. These conditions include more material conditions.


How is Turkish Citizenship Acquired?

With this regulation, two ways to gain Turkish citizenship have been added and a way to invest. According to the regulation on the implementation of the Turkish citizenship law, which came into force in 2010, Turkish citizenship could be acquired in two ways: birth and later. One of these methods is through birth, and the other is the way to win later. Subsequent citizenship is also possible through a decision of the competent authority, adoption or the right to vote. The detailed distribution of these methods can be seen below.

1. Citizenship through Birth

Turkey inside or outside one's mother or father of a baby born Turkish citizen from birth if the baby is considered as Turkish citizens. And his parents were not born in Turkey / indefinite or stateless babies are also eligible to be a Turkish citizen from birth.

2. Subsequent Citizenship

Cabinet decisions with Turkish citizenship gains to reside after five consecutive years in Turkey citizenship applications for, to prove that he decided to settle in Turkey, to speak Turkish, to have the income levels to subsist, you need to have a state that would threaten national security and public order.

In addition, some foreigners can gain Turkish citizenship exceptionally. This method is mostly used as the transfer of foreign athletes to Turkish citizenship.

Previously people came from citizenship voluntarily or due to the mother or father who lost Turkish citizenship retroactively from the date of application for 3 years, provided to reside in Turkey, can regain citizenship by the Council of Ministers.

A foreigner who is married to a Turkish citizen and married for 3 years can apply for Turkish citizenship.

Finally, a foreigner who is adopted by a Turkish citizen (provided that there is no adult) can gain Turkish citizenship.

Pursuing an investment or real estate practice is not unique to Turkey qualify for citizenship. Many countries around the world either grant direct citizenship to foreigners who meet these conditions or provide residence permits, one of the important steps towards citizenship. According to an information note published on the IMF website in 2015, in some countries citizens are granted citizenship through a certain amount of investment, while others are granted residence permits instead of citizenship.

However, the climatic advantages of both Turkey and also stands out in the investment attraction into prominence in the field. One of your biggest guides in the process of acquiring property on Turkish citizenship conditions is www.propertytr.com/.
In countries that give direct citizenship to investors, the main reason for this method is the direct contribution of the investments to the economies of the countries as well as the investors can get very good returns.

3. Direct Transition to Turkish Citizenship

The cost of gaining access to the fixed amount of capital provided for citizenship of the Republic of Turkey was reduced to 2 million 500 thousand dollars. Earlier this ratio is the minimum amount required to switch citizenship with real property ownership in Turkey 1 million 250 thousand dollars was in the due.

4. Other Requirements for Turkish Citizenship:

Turkish citizenship acquired by birth is citizenship acquired at the time of birth and shall be effective from the moment of birth upon notification.

The acquisition of Turkish citizenship by birth shall be based on the lineage or place of birth.

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship with Family Link

Citizenship acquired by a family tie refers to the acquisition of the nationality of the parent or father of the Turkish citizen to whom the child is bound by a family tie at the time of birth.

In order for the child to acquire Turkish citizenship by means of ancestry, only one of the parents at the time of birth is Turkish citizen. Home and to be a citizen of one state from foreign father or the child to be born in a country other than Turkey does not interfere with the acquisition of Turkish citizenship.

Children born out of wedlock:

  • The main Turkish citizen from the moment of birth,
  •  If the father is a Turkish citizen, they become a Turkish citizen by recognition of paternity or by making a paternity decision in court.

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by Place of Birth

Due to the following reasons born in Turkey and other countries since the citizenship of children born to win, they acquire Turkish citizenship.

These reasons are that the child's parents are unclear, stateless and cannot acquire citizenship in accordance with national laws.

It found that children in Turkey, until proven otherwise deemed to arise in Turkey. The children who cannot express themselves because of their small age are registered by the authorities in the population registers of their place.

In case the competent authority is the Council of Ministers on the acquisition of citizenship, an appeal against the decision made by the Council of State is made by the Council of State.

In the case of administrative decisions issued by the Ministry of Interior regarding the acquisition of citizenship, cancellation proceedings may be brought before the competent administrative courts.

The period for filing a lawsuit is sixty (60) days in the Council of State and administrative courts in cases where there is no separate period in special laws.

The appeal against the final decisions made by the administrative courts and the decisions of the Council of State as the first instance court is made within 30 days from the date of notification of the court decision.

You can make your application by choosing the most suitable method for you from Turkish citizenship conditions. The competent authorities will assist you in many aspects of Turkish citizenship conditions.

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