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Advantages of Being a Turkish Citizen

Advantages of Being a Turkish Citizen

Many countries give visa to Turkish passport holders under easy conditions. Negotiations and international agreements between the European Union and Turkey, resulting in a positive way and if Turkey joined the as expected the European Union, people who are Turkish citizens will have the right to go on visa-free way to many European countries as having a future Schengen visa.

The heart of Turkey's place in the world that can say no. It contains cultural and many other riches within the country.

A unique strategic importance between Asia and Europe, a bridge to the meeting of various civilizations and cultures, a very important trade route between the East and the West, its land, its sea and its air.

Istanbul, as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is of great importance, but with its Turkish traditions, mosques and eastern-style streets, Ottoman civilization is the leading commercial and industrial city of today with its modern European identity.

As such, many people want to obtain Turkish citizenship. Don't worry about how you can choose between such positive things because http://www.propertytr.com/ is an important guide at this point. As it is known to obtain a way to pass the citizenship property in this regard the appropriate site above at any time with you.

Being a Turkish citizen has become a dream for many, and having a Turkish passport has become a source of pride and a real gift that makes you feel a nation with a history and a future. With the latest regulations, real estate investment was facilitated and legal gates were opened to become a Turkish citizen. Turkish culture will also help you not to feel like a foreigner with the characteristic of being a nation that embraces you because of feelings like devotion.


Republic Of Citizenship Application Requirements

Under normal conditions, the coming visa or visa exemption period on foreigners wishing to stay longer Turkey, is being required to take permission residence permit or a study Turkish citizenship, while foreigners will claim the 5901 numbered Turkish Citizenship Law to remain in Turkey within a specified period with and minimum conditions set by the ministry required.

  • It should be determined that the relevant ministry has invested fixed capital of at least USD 500.000 or equivalent foreign currency or equivalent Turkish Lira. This is subject to review by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.
  • In addition, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization shall also carry out the necessary examinations to determine the amount of time for at least 250,000 US dollars or equivalent foreign exchange or equivalent Turkish immovable title deed records for three years.
  • If another investment instrument is to be selected, the Ministry of Family and Social Policies examines whether 50 people are employed.
  • Minimum 500,000 should be noted that in US dollars or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish Lira by the supervisory institution regarding the denominated deposits amounting to whether there are people for three years followed edilir.Bu way if asked to land acquired citizenship with an investment of deposits to be kept in deposit banks operating in Turkey.
  • The borrowing instruments of the government for three years are also observed by the related institution. The minimum amount for this is determined to be USD 500.000 or equivalent foreign currency or equivalent Turkish Lira.
  • Through the Capital Markets Board, it is ensured that minimum 500.000 USD or equivalent foreign exchange or Turkish Lira equivalent real estate mutual fund participation share or venture capital mutual fund participation share has been purchased on condition that it is kept for three years.

Economic Benefits of Turkey Citizenship

Turkey's economy has exhibited an outstanding performance recorded steady growth the last 14 years. A sound macroeconomic strategy, consistent financial policies and deep structural reforms, while Turkey's economy globalized, while the integrating into the world on the one hand the country to foreign direct investment (FDI) has moved into one of the leaders of the digit position.

These reforms have strengthened the role of the private sector in Turkey's economy, the financial sector has improved the efficiency and flexibility of public finances and has led to place on a more solid foundation. The reforms strengthened the country's economic building blocks and financial indicators, and the economy grew between the years 2003 and 2016 with an annual average real GDP growth rate of 5.6%.

It showed a very rapid development of the real estate sector in Turkey, where housing options are available that will appeal to all income levels. There are a variety of alternatives, from apartments located in the city centers to detached houses in the suburbs and luxurious residences with extensive services. Particularly in modern housing projects in large cities, all amenities such as private security to meet the needs of city life, playgrounds, sports fields, social facilities, parking and shopping center are offered to residents.

Work in Turkey or resident foreigners who want to work and are required to apply to the relevant Turkish authorities with the necessary paperwork in order to receive a residence permit. The principles and procedures training for a work permit foreigners to be employed in Turkey, home services, health services, tourism, aviation, as well as the entertainment industry and other sectors as foreign direct investment, property supply that foreign direct investment varies for professional services and liaison offices. On the other hand, residence permits for foreigners of real property or business to establish trade links with the situation in Turkey is organized on the basis of objective. Turkey is an ideal country for Turkish citizenship preference when examined with all the features.

Remember: by coming to Turkey in normal circumstances, a visa or visa exemption period on foreigners wishing to stay longer, is being required to take permission residence permit or a study Turkish citizenship, while foreigners will claim the 5901 numbered Turkish Citizenship stay in Turkey within a specified period by the law and determined by the ministry minimum requirements.

With the decision dated 12.12.2016 and numbered 9601, some clauses were added to the conditions of exceptional acquisition of Turkish citizenship. In this context, it is stated that, under certain amounts and conditions, those who invest in fixed capital, those who buy immovable, those who create employment, those who hold deposits in Turkish banks, and those who purchase state debt instruments may apply for Turkish citizenship exceptionally.

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