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Yusuf Boz commented on the post-election aftermath of real estate sector in Turkey

Yusuf Boz commented on the post-election aftermath of real estate sector in Turkey

Yusuf Boz commented on the post-election aftermath of real estate sector in Turkey

Turkey's June 24 elections have been looked forward and finally left behind. Mostly for the sake of stability and also many other reasons, the Turkish people once again elected Recep Tayyip Erdogan as President. He, became the first head of the presidential system which will be implemented for the first time in Turkey. Before the election there were stagnation and uneasiness in the markets. No one fully understood what would happen in the future, and the mobility in the markets, in a bad way of course, quite worried the public as well. The leaders of the real estate industry did not say anything clear either. But with the first elected president and first time alliance system with June 24th, both Recep Tayyip Erdogan and AK Party and MHP won the election.

However, just after June 24, life again turned to normal in Turkey, people were very satisfied with the result. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has taken the majority of the votes in the latest elections and showed the world that both the power and the democracy are possible to be engaged together, said: "By Monday, we will continue to apply our work without slowing down. We will begin to implement our election promises."

Yusuf Boz, General Manager of PropertyTR, who expressed his opinion about the pre-election real estate sector, said, "We have said that there may be stagnation in the markets until the election. Same as it ever was, the mobility of foreign exchange and the perception manupilation of the West before each elections in Turkey, is not continuous again. We have exhibited the situation in Turkey to foreign investors with documents and graphics. We have encouraged them to invest in the real estate sector and we have declared that they will make profits in short and medium term in this sector at a considerable amount of profits, we see that many real estate companies have also implemented them as well. According to Turkstat's data, a lot of real estate sales took place in the last month."

Mr. Boz predicted that domestic and foreign housing sales would increase even further after the elections. He stated: "The perturbations in the markets will be abolished with the president and the government continuing in the same way and with the establishment of the cabinet, the economy will be on the run, housing prices will decrease." Boz stated that they are pleased that the government's projects are continuing as well, and he predicted that every month in the direction of the researches they made, they will get better shape than the previous month.

PropertyTR General Manager Yusuf Boz concluded: "We believe that with our new system, an investment environment will also emerge. In this way, domestic and foreign investors will move the real estate sector. For the completion of ongoing projects, and for Turkey's growth, stability is crucially important. Together with our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, we are confidently moving forward to our goals of 2023, 2053 and 2071. May this result is a gift for the entire Turkish nation.

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