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Bursa is a city built on the hill; you can find yourself in Uludağ National Park within half an hour by watching the beautiful Bursa scenery from a cable car...

th lots of touristic destinations and natural places that you can visit and spend your time with your family and also with your friends. Green Tomb (Yesil Turbe), The Great Mosque (Ulu Cami), Green Mosque (Yesil Cami), Great Mountain (Uludag), Botanique Park, Historical plane tree (600 years old), Clock Tower and Mudanya are the city’s landmarks.

Moreover, you can find shopping malls, bank branches, schools, bazaars, universities and everything you need is only very short drive distance. Also, Uludag University located in the city is one of most popular university in the country.

Buying a property for sale in Bursa, thanks to it economical advantages and beautiful nature has always gotten the attention of tourists and citizens. Once you choose to live in this outstanding city full of history, you are on the right way for living a happy life.

Apartment For Sale In Bursa Turkey

Checking Bursa section of our website you can easily find the valuable housing projects in Bursa. These houses are one of the most beautiful property for sale in Turkey.

Modern residences with uniques architecture and design will welcome you. You can choose from 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom apartments designed in a stylish way. The transportation is very easy in the city, other than that, you can reach most of the main points of the city only by walking or a few minute driving. There are social facilities, like parking lots, swimming pools, playgrounds for children, smart home appliences, fitness centers, supermarkets, excellent landscapes , that will increase the luxury.

Are you still wondering why to invest in the projects? Here are only a few reasons:

You can swim, ski, visit historical places at the city,all social facilities are existing in same neighborhood, good layout plans for the apartments for family living, public transportation just next to the project and so much more.

Look at the photos, read the details, you will deside to buy a property anyways!

Buying a villa doesn’t mean that you have to force your pocket. There are houses for every budget and the payment plans are very reasonable at the same time.

Houses For Sale In Bursa Turkey

Bursa is also one of the best investment destination who are looking for a smart investment opportunity as the apartment prices are increasing by capital appreciation every single day. Meantime, you can have relax, swim, ski, and visit the historical places at the same time in the city.Property developers have thought about detail.

 In the project, high rental income is also presented to the investors as well as attractive capital growth, since the area is announced as urban transformation area by the government. By doing so, all of the other neighbourhoods will seem to be designed as postmodern comparing with the project districts of Bursa.

Having a house in touristic city like Bursa, and even at the center of it, is only one click away with us. Choose the project, select the type of apartment or villa and decide on the property you want. That is all that takes you to a happy and luxury life at the beautiful parts of the historical city!

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