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How to Get Turkish Nationality?

8 February 2020
How to Get Turkish Nationality?

Do you like warm weather, relaxing by the sea, walking along mountain trails? Tired of the monotony or realities of the environment? You will enjoy the climate and nature of Turkey!

You can buy residential or commercial real estate – and obtain citizenship on this basis. Doing business or investing in the economy also gives the right to become a legal citizen.

In this article, we will discuss in detail how to get Turkish nationality.

Conditions of Being Turkish Nationality

According to the presidential decree, the minimum amount of long-term investment in the economy has been significantly reduced. As of 19 September 2018, the status of a citizen can be obtained in the following ways.

  • Buying real estate,
  • Having a bank account,
  • Opening a business
  • Investment for a business
  • Fund Asset Acquisition
  • Purchase of Government Securities

Turkish citizenship gives the right to entrepreneurial activity, hired work, free education and medical services, transfer of pension contributions.

Purchase of Real Estate

The minimum allowable value of the property has decreased to 250 thousand USD. You can buy more than one house to reach this amount. You will need to perform an evaluation review at a company with the appropriate license. The validity of the certificate is 1 month.

It is important to choose an appropriate time to evaluate and finalize a transaction in the local currency. Each object must be paid by the buyer, the money is transferred directly to the seller's bank account. The property is prohibited from selling for 3 years. An individual's right to obtain citizenship in Turkey is determined by the Ministry of Urbanism and Environment.

Opening a Bank Account in Turkey

You can invest in any Turkish bank to become a Turkish citizen. Your investment is approved by the Investment, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency. The minimum deposit amount has been reduced to the US $ 500 thousand. You can open a deposit in another currency (such as Turkish Lira) for the amount. Profit is accrued at the bank interest rate. Investment period The disclosure of the fulfillment of the obligations to open a deposit account is given within 7 days. You can check the site of www.propertytr.com purchasing real estates.

Organization of Places for Work

Turkish citizenship can be obtained by establishing a job that can provide employment for at least 50 people. The Ministry of Labor, Social Services and Family ensures the right to citizenship status.

Making Investment for a Business

Investment in fixed assets fixed by the Ministry of Industry and Technology also gives Turkish citizenship rights. The minimum investment amount has been reduced to the US $ 500 thousand. The person who wishes to apply for Turkish citizenship can start a new company or buy an existing company.

Fund Asset Acquisition

Fund asset acquisition or other housing, land, commercial mutual funds allow you to make a profit that is less dependent on inflation. Compared to the purchase of the real estate, the following advantages can be distinguished: first, the proprietor is relieved of the difficulty of maintaining or maintaining the property, and second, the assets are sold faster.

For the emergence of civil rights as being Turkish nationality, it is necessary to select an organization that uses auditing services and consultancy of world-class brands, for example, the British EY company (Ernst & Young), one of the largest in the world. Transactions are carried out with the help of state-allocated Turkish banks. The minimum investment amount is 500 thousand US dollars and assets can be sold in 3 years.

Purchase of Government Securities

Purchasing fact, Turkey is determined by the Ministry of Finance and Treasury. Securities amounting to USD 500 thousand or more give the owner the right to receive income and to obtain a passport with Turkish citizenship depending on the type and maturity of the public debt. In the latter case, they may be sold within 3 years or within the specified payback period.

In addition to the applicant choosing one of the proposed methods, his wife (spouse) and children under 18 may be citizens (there is no age limit for people with disabilities). The applicant's parents and adult children are entitled to a valid residence permit (residence permit) without the deadline.

To apply for a document package, a series of bureaucratic requirements corresponding to the individual situation will have to be fulfilled. You can contact the district center where your business, real estate or bank account is located.

Applying Turkish Nationality by Marriage

If you have a spouse who is a Turkish citizen and you want to apply for Turkish citizenship, you must stay married for at least 3 years. Your marriage must continue and your application will be accepted if your general conduct is in line with Turkish ethics and if you do not pose a threat to public health order.

Long-term Residence In Turkey

If you want to be admitted to the residence by Turkish citizenship, there is a minimum of 5 years must be seated in Turkey without interruption.

You must specify whether you plan to reside in Turkey. It also provides a residence time of 5 years, up to 6 months in Turkey can live in another country. Finally, if you prove that you have sufficient knowledge of Turkish, you can apply for Turkish citizenship.

How to Apply to Get Turkish Nationality

  • A passport or document stating which state you are a citizen of, if you do not have a homeland, a notarized Turkish translation of the approved document for this situation,
  • Notarized and translated into Turkish of a birth certificate showing all identification information,
  • You must document your residence stating that Turkey is the latest residential address,
  • Criminal record,
  • The receipt of the service shows that the money is deposited in the cash desk.
  • 2 white 50 × 60 mm sized, a nonpatterned biometric photo that can be read on a white background

After you receive the status of a Turkish citizen, specialists will also be able to help with the registration of tax residency in Turkey and with the organization of moving to Turkey to live in comfort.


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