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Although Yalova is famous for many people with its springs, it should be known by many historical travel points as well...

along the seaside of the Marmara Sea, cafés with green trees along the coast. Although crowded in recent years, nature tourism, trekking, camping tourism continues to be a popular spot for fans.

Yalova can be reached by 1:30 hour ferry journey to istanbul. You can reach Yenikapı and Pendik with ferryboats by car. In Yalova you can stroll along the sea and in the bushes, stress on natural beauties, waterfalls and forests and springs.

Yalova is known with the most beautiful colors of nature and carries on like a beautiful dress and presents different beauty in every season. It has one of the most beautiful coasts of Marmara and is an important port city in terms of coastal tourism, hunting tourism, thermal tourism and nature tourism. With all these qualities Yalova is very important for Turkey real estate market.

Apartment For Sale In Yalova Turkey

Finding green and blue, forest and sea together is possible by living in Yalova. If you, too, decide to live in this city, that’s the rightest choice of you! Another opportunity you will have by buying a house from the options we give you is that you will be close to the important points of city. Facilities like separated swimming pools, panoramic sea views, sunbathing areas, saunas and Turkish baths will bring you joy and make you spend more time at your home. You won’t need to spend additional time going for shopping or relaxing. You and your family will be safe thanks to 24 hour security. Enjoy the fresh air and sea and live a quality life in Yalova.

You will be enjoying with the social facilities offered you, such as Gardens and avenue, Fitness Center, Outdoor swimming pool, Open air cinema, Cafes, Open air sun terrace, Play station rooms, Closed Car Park, Guest houses inside of the complex.

You can invest in a property for sale in Turkey in any city, but these projects will give you amazing return of investment as that area is called as holiday destination for Turkish and Gulf people which will allow you to collect between 15.000 TL to 22.000 TL rental income during the year.

Houses For Sale In Yalova Turkey

Although Yalova comes to minds with its mineral springs, it is also a historical and touristic city. Yalova deserves not only visiting and travelling for a short period; it is worth a stay. There are houses for sale in Yalova in our website; you can check them out. The projects we offer to you have important priviledges.

The compounds are only a few meters away from the sea and famous beach clubs as well as in a few minute walking distance to ferry stations which go to IstanbulThis will give you an excellent opportunity to reach wherever you want to go in a short period of time. Yalova city center and thermal area is only in a few minute driving distance to the projects.  The projects’ location is also unique as being just intersection of the pure green and the authentic blue.

Have you already decided to stay in Yalova? You can trust us with the search. We assure you to get the safest and the rightest information about the property for sale in Yalova from our site.

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