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Your Property Purchase Guide In Istanbul: PropertyTR

Your Property Purchase Guide In Istanbul: PropertyTR


Q: 1. I Am A Foreigner. Can I Buy Properties In Istanbul?

Ans: Yes, you can. Most foreign citizens are welcome to buy apartments in Istanbul. However, it will be useful to check with your consulate before making the final decision.

Q: 2. How Can I Buy A Property In Istanbul?

Ans: Ans: As an Istanbul resident, it will take up to a week or two to buy a property in Istanbul and finalize all the processes. And if you are a foreigner and willing to buy a property in Istanbul, contact a trustworthy real estate agent. Good real estate websites like PropertyTR with expert professionals in their team can help you to know the best apartments for sale in your preferred location in Istanbul.

Q: 3. What Are The Best Places To Live In Istanbul?

Ans: Well, Istanbul is the best location in Turkey to live in for its infused city life and historical culture. People choose to live in Istanbul, not for its beauty, but also its enriched culture present from the emperor's rules. Before you buy apartments in Istanbul, consider the following lists of best places in Istanbul to live in,

European Side:

1.   Beyoglu

2.   Sisli

3.   Cihangir

4.   Besiktas

5.   Ortakoy

6.   Sariyer

7.   Bakirkoy

8.   Yesilkoy


 Asian Side:

1.   Uskudar

2.   Kadikoy

3.   Moda

4.   Acibadem

5.   Bostanci

6.   Atasehir

7.   Suadiye

8.   Maltepe

Once you find the right location, consult a real estate agent for the best recommendations.

Q: 4. Should I Consult With A Real Estate Agent For Buying Properties In Istanbul?

Ans: You have to decide whether you want to take the headache of searching for a suitable property and finalizing all the process or needing a professional beside you. However, if you are a foreign citizen before buying any Turkish property, you need a trustworthy real estate agent to buy apartments in Turkey and Istanbul. The main advantage you will get is a professional well versed in the Turkish language and geography. Also, they will arrange everything between you and the seller.

Q: 5. Is It Safe To Purchase Properties In Istanbul?

Ans: Yes, it is. Istanbul is one of the most charming cities globally, which attracts lots of tourists every year, hence to ensure the tourists' security, it is indeed a safe city to move to. Though always choose the right real estate agents to buy apartments in Istanbul in a secure way.

Q: 6. Why Are The Properties In Istanbul and Turkey Are Cheaper Than Others?

Ans: It is a ubiquitous question. The answer is real estate Turkey has entered the international market very lately. Hence the low prices properties are set to attract foreigners from different countries to purchase and invest in Turkish properties. This also enabled the customers to buy residential or commercial apartments for sale in Istanbul, Turkey, outright without mortgages or bank credit.

Q: 7. I Want A Turkish Citizenship. Can Purchasing A Property In Istanbul Will Get Me That?

Ans: Yes, purchasing a Turkey property will get you and your family Turkish nationality as per the law. There are some minimum values to buy apartments in Turkey or invest in it.

Purchasing a property in Istanbul, Turkey, for a minimum of $250,000 or investing the same money in it can get you and your family a Turkish nationality within 90 days approximately.

Q: What Are The Approximate Prices Of The Properties In Istanbul?

Ans: The price of the apartments' for sale in Istanbul varies with location, building structure, the purpose of the purchase, proximity to transportation, cost of living in that place, and more. However, the lowest priced properties in Istanbul start from around $80,000 to $150,000. If you are looking to live in a pleasant environment with proximity to everything near your location, consider at least $200,000 to $300,000.

Q: Is Istanbul A Good Option To Make Money In Real Estate?

Ans: International real-estate is one of the best places for making investments. Turkey is known for its affordable range of properties. Istanbul is one of the charming cities in the world. So yes, if you are looking for an excellent location to invest in real estate in Turkey and make a good outcome, Istanbul is ideal for your investment.

Q: 10. As A Foreigner, How Many Properties Can I Own In Istanbul?

Ans: Though there are no such limitations in property numbers, there are some limitations. As a foreign citizen, you can own up to 30 hectares of Turkey property, so long as it is not within the military zones or security zones in Istanbul and Turkey. Also, for foreign buyers, there is a restriction on the size of land. It cannot be greater than 10% of the town's total land area.

Q: 11. I Am Willing To Purchase A Property In Istanbul. Which Will Be Better: Istanbul Asia or Istanbul Europe?

Ans: Though Istanbul is considered a wonderful place, Istanbul Europe is more famous than the Asian part. It has most of the embassies, government and tourism centers, it attracts people the most. However, if you are a peace lover and looking to buy an apartment in Turkey, consider Istanbul Asia to purchase properties.

Q: 12. Why Is Istanbul A Good Choice To Buy Properties In Turkey?

Ans: If you are looking to buy apartments in Turkey, then you must know that Istanbul is one of the hotspots of property investors in Turkey. Istanbul is the most prominent city in Turkey for business, education, and tourism. The locals' friendly culture and delicious foods, gorgeous beaches, and more than thousands of historical sites and attractions make most investors prefer this place.

Q: 13. What Are The Best Locations To Invest In Istanbul For Foreigners?

Ans: The best part of investing in a property is to get more from it than you deposited, and hence many people choose to invest in a property. Istanbul is the right area to cherish an urban city life if you invest in Turkish property. Following are the locations where you find the best apartments for sale in Istanbul,

·   European Side: Besiktas, Taksim, Sisli, Bakirkoy, Beylikduzu, Arnavutkoy, Bahcelievler, Kucukcekmece.

·   Asian Side: Uskudar, Kadikoy, Sancaktepe, Cekmekoy, Umraniye, Atasehir, Bostanci, Maltepe, Kartal, Pendik.

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