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Record Property Sales to Foreigners in Beylikduzu

Record Property Sales to Foreigners in Beylikduzu

Beylikduzu has been a standout amongst the most well known regions of Istanbul regarding the property deals in the current time frame. In the last 10 years, with its branded projects, shopping malls, public transportation, Beylikduzu has turned out to be one of the rarest districts of Istanbul. In Beylikduzu where big migrations are taking place, besides the domestic clients, the sales of houses to foreign customers have increased in big scale in recent years.

PropertyTR, the brand of Reva Gayrimenkul, which is located in Beylikduzu and conducts real estate and investment activities for its foreign clients, won first place in January, and also took the lead around Beylikduzu in February as well. Related to this, Reva Real Estate General Manager, Yusuf Boz stated they are coordinating with their team all around the district and they know Beylikdüzü very well. "We have been working in Beylikduzu for many years. We know the region extremely well because we were here during the development period of the region. We are also very well aware of which citizen wants to live where, what kind of house they prefer. And these are of course reflecting in our sales in a positive way" Boz said.



Indicating that they take part in several projects around Beylikduzu, Mr. Boz said they always pay much attention to the project selection. He additionaly emphasized that there are mainly Arab customers, as well as many customers from America, Russia and Germany too. Underscoring the fact, PropertyTR is currently very well-known around the region, Boz explained they are a company that trusts their foreign clients. "We make project selections with my team very selectively. The satisfaction of the customer is our priority. We strive to make a better presentation of the house they are looking for. Because of it, we're searching for the finest details when choosing a project."

PropertyTR, which made a very decent start in the year 2018, turned to be a company that Beylikduzu spoke very much about. Especially in January and February they made a splash with the property sales. Reva Real Estate General Manager Yusuf Boz stated that they would like to continue this increase in the coming periods and he said they are and will be working with the same desire they had in the first day without any crow over. Boz also added he is very happy because of this two-month sales. "I hope to work the same way in the coming periods, we want to reach the desired numbers. Our goal is not only to be limited in Beylikduzu, but to expand further. " Already in Trabzon, Istanbul and Antalya Boz said they opened a branch office and their primary objective is to spread all over Turkey.

The PropertyTR company, which has followed a successful path in the sale of foreign homes in Beylikduzu, seems to have become a byword this year. Boz underlined they sold properties to Saudi Arabian, Kuwaitis, Iraqi, German and American clients within these two months and he expressed their desire and mission is to contact more citizens and countries by developing their projects. Addressing the near future, Boz concluded that they have been working ceaselessly to be on top at the sale of houses this year.

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