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Why Is It Important To Seek Service From A Turkish Lawyer For Citizenship By Investment?

Why Is It Important To Seek Service From A Turkish Lawyer For Citizenship By Investment?

There are several countries now where foreign investors are warmly welcomed. They are given special permission to reside in the country and, under certain conditions, are even permitted to apply for citizenship. The government has set up such rules with a clear objective of encouraging investment in various sectors, starting from real estate and finance to others. However, the conditions for getting such benefits depend entirely on the rules and regulations of the given country.


How to obtain Turkish citizenship lawyer investment?

In Turkey, people are free to follow their lifestyle, beliefs as well as traditions. Having a Turkish passport provides free access to the person allowing him/her to travel in 240 different countries. The only thing you need to do is make a medium-sized investment in property, fixed capital, or by setting up a business. This small investment would allow your family to afford a new life without facing the fear of war and instability. You can quickly get a licensed turkish citizenship lawyer investment and undertake the necessary steps to hold dual-citizenship in Turkey.

The idea of getting citizenship in Turkey is a great opportunity. It is a point of attraction for desperately looking out for the chance to hold a second passport or settle in a new country. Having citizenship also allows the person to get social security in terms of the children's health and future. Thus, several companies, consultancy firms, and even real estate agents, offer citizenship application services.

Why is it essential to avoid consultancy companies?

If you are applying for Turkish citizenship by investment, you should be well-versed about the process. There is no strict license procedure against the companies and agencies that they would allow them to safeguard the applicant's rights. In short, these agencies or consultancy service providing companies cannot be held accountable or pressed charges against. So, you need to be very careful when availing service from any such external source. You must not fall into the trap of an excellent web page or a significant social media presence. It is because several fraud companies try to build up an efficient and trustworthy image in their clients' eyes.

Some of these companies also offer an application for a visa, residence, and work permit based on their clients' requests. However, they make a demand for a service charge claiming that it needs to be paid for building up a better image in the government office. You need to identify such frauds and avoid losing your money in the hands of such companies.

What makes approaching Turkish citizenship lawyer investment a better move?

It is recommended not to work with such consultancy companies. Instead, it is better to visit Turkish lawyers for professional assistance directly. Once you seek service from any such turkish citizenship lawyer investment, you can get your work done under the government's strict rules. If the lawyer fails to bring you the promised service under any circumstances, you can raise a voice against them. As per the government's regulation, the lawyer is subjected to the penalty, cancellation of professional license, or criminal charges against them for misusing their power.

Unlike the consultancy agencies and establishments, the lawyers can be held liable under any privacy laws under Turkey's government. Thus, opting service from a reputed lawyer is considered as a safe and trustworthy step. You can get the applicant’s rights protected and avoid cases of fraud.

This beautiful country, Turkey, allows its foreign investors to get a second passport with comfortable living conditions in their country.  You can contact turkish citizenship lawyer investment for quality service. The idea of citizenship by investment is a golden opportunity that allows the person to have a unique opportunity to live, work, and investment in an environment that is much more secure. Getting citizenship in the Middle East provides security to the sick person of the instability existing in these countries due to continuous wars and attacks by the conservative government. Citizenship offers the freedom to accept the traditional life and be a part of it with ensured social security.

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