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Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment Details: From Application to Process

Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment Details: From Application to Process

Many people from abroad are looking for various ways to obtain Turkish citizenship. In this process, everyone is trying to find the way that is suitable for them and to complete their application for Turkish citizenship. If you are going to come to Turkey from abroad and apply for Turkish citizenship, you should have detailed information about the process waiting for you. Due to the necessary steps in this process, a detailed document and processing time await you. Please provide access to detailed information for the realization of all these processes and the completion of the applications to the authorized institutions. For this, all the details are included in our article. Get ready to speed up your application for Turkish citizenship by examining these details. With the information you will examine, you will be ready to perform your transactions. Therefore, it is recommended that you continue to review without missing all the details. In this way, you will experience a successful process.


Discover How the Turkish Citizenship Process Works in Turkey

To realize the citizenship process in Turkey, some steps are required. After completing these steps, the application is provided. This application process usually takes between 3 and 6 months. At the end of this period, you can obtain the results of your application for Turkish citizenship. Below are the steps you need to do in this regard. By examining them, you will take a step to start the process.

Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship

  1. For Turkish citizenship, you must have a tax registration number. To have a tax registration number, you will need to apply to the tax office. Therefore, you must make an application with your passport to obtain the tax registration number. Do not forget that your passport must be translated and notarized. To carry out this process, you must apply to the Tax Offices. The process usually takes around 30 minutes.
  2. In the next step, you will need to have a bank account in Turkey. Therefore, you can apply to any bank in Turkey. In this way, you will start the process to open your bank account. During this application, you should not forget to come to your bank with your passport. With your passport translated and notarized, the bank will start your transactions.
  3. After completing the above steps, you will be ready to make your property purchase. In particular, all the above steps must be carried out completely and correctly. In this way, you can now start the property-purchase process. Do not forget that the minimum value of the property you will buy must be $250,000. It is not possible to obtain citizenship with the properties you will buy at lower prices.
  4. When choosing your property, you should also pay attention to the reliability of your real estate company. Thanks to reliable real estate agents, you will get the property you will buy most correctly. You will also evaluate the opportunities that will come your way. There are many options for you on our site. As PropertyTr, we offer you many different property options. This way you will have the opportunity to inspect each property.
  5. After performing your reviews, you will have the process of choosing the property you want to buy. After making this property selection in a way that suits you, you will need the evaluation report. The appraisal report is required before the property purchase. Therefore, you will have to agree with a company for the evaluation report. There will be certain prices for this firm to provide you with the evaluation report. Generally, the evaluation report varies according to the company. However, the prices you will encounter vary between 1750 and 5000 Turkish Liras. Since an expert will give you the evaluation report, this expert should also have some qualifications. In particular, your specialist must be licensed and approved by the BRSA and CMB. In this way, you can continue your transactions with the evaluation report that your specialist will present to you.
  6. If you prefer to live in Turkey after completing all the procedures for your property, you will need a residence permit. You will have to wait one month after purchasing to obtain this residence permit. You will also be provided with a temporary identity card after obtaining your residence permit. In this way, your stages will be completed in the best way.

Examine all the details shared with you and take care to perform the steps most correctly. After these stages, you will be ready to apply for Turkish citizenship. Please note that the documents you provide must be correct and certified. All institutions take action by examining the accuracy of their documents. After you apply for Turkish citizenship, you will wait between 3 and 6 months. During this period, your Turkish citizenship application result will be revealed. In this way, you can continue your life knowing that you will become a Turkish citizen.

Why Should You Invest To Obtain Turkish Citizenship?

If you are considering buying a property to obtain Turkish citizenship, you need to discover why you prefer Turkey. By recognizing the conditions and opportunities that Turkey will provide you, your transition to Turkish citizenship will be much easier. Therefore, you can make your property purchases by having detailed information about Turkey. Here are the reasons why you should choose Turkey for investment purposes and Turkish citizenship.

  • Turkey has a regular structure in terms of the tax system. Especially in Turkey, the tax system is well developed. In addition, thanks to the discipline in the tax system, fairness and compliance come to the fore. In this way, you can continue your tax life most correctly.
  • Turkey is one of the places with the best location among the countries. As a location, you can access many countries from Turkey, which is located between Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Grab the opportunity to visit the countries you want, thanks to the conditions in Turkey that will allow you to travel comfortably.
  • As a country, Turkey has been developing itself recently in terms of investment. In particular, it highlights the best opportunities with the various investment options it offers to everyone. You can make the best investments for your future thanks to the many offices, houses, and real estate opportunities you can choose for investment purposes. You also create opportunities for yourself that you can profit from in the future.
  • The number of inspectors and tourists who prefer Turkey is increasing day by day. Especially in a year, many inspectors make their investments in Turkey. Thanks to the valuation of properties in many cities of Turkey and the prominence of opportunities, Turkey provides the best conditions. In this way, inspectors who prefer properties from different cities make high profits and provide successful investments for the future.
  • After obtaining citizenship in Turkey, you will have the opportunity to benefit from education and health services. You will be satisfied with the service in Turkey, which has a developed structure especially in the fields of education and health. If you are moving to Turkey with your family, you can ensure that your children receive a free education. In addition, you will be able to secure your health thanks to the disciplined and regular hospital institutions that you will encounter in the field of health.
  • When you obtain Turkish citizenship, it is also possible to remain as a dual citizen if you wish. In addition, Turkey provides you with many conveniences during country visits. Especially if you have obtained Turkish citizenship, you will have the opportunity to go to 116 countries without a visa. In this way, the opportunity to discover new places will be with you.
  • Turkey is a developed company in the field of marketing. You can create different investment conditions for yourself in Turkey, which has a national market. In this way, you can advance yourself in the field of investment and provide yourself with the best conditions.
Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship

These are the opportunities that will be offered to you in Turkey. To have these opportunities, you can make your property purchase. In addition to the advantages you will gain by purchasing this property, you will also have the right to apply for Turkish citizenship. You can change your life by taking the necessary actions without missing this chance.

Various Methods You Can Prefer For Turkish Citizenship

It is possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate in Turkey. However, you can have Turkish citizenship in various ways. If you fulfill the necessary conditions after choosing the method that will appeal to you, you will be able to obtain Turkish citizenship. Please note that to acquire Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property, you must have purchased a property for a minimum of $250,000. That’s why you can take a look at other methods for Turkish citizenship. Various methods are presented to you below. After choosing the appropriate one, you can perform the necessary actions for that method. Do not forget that if you have Turkish citizenship, your family members will also have Turkish passports. Thus, thanks to your citizenship, your children have the right to obtain Turkish citizenship directly.

  • Marriage Method for Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

If you want to get Turkish citizenship in Turkey, one of the most preferred methods is to get married. In many countries in the world, you can obtain citizenship if you marry a citizen of that country. Therefore, if you have a person to marry in Turkey, it is possible to apply for Turkish citizenship directly. But your marriage has to be real. Do not forget that you also need to have evidence to prove the truth. After you get married, you can make your application to the authorized institutions. After 3 years, you will be able to obtain Turkish citizenship. Thus, the Turkish passport will be delivered to you.

  • Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Establishing a Company

If you are considering starting a business in Turkey, you will be able to apply to this country. But do not forget that there are various conditions and procedures to obtain Turkish citizenship by establishing a business. For Turkish citizenship, which you can obtain by establishing a company, there must be at least 50 employees in the company you will establish. In this way, you can start your business and obtain citizenship. But there are many details about starting a business that you need to pay attention to and need to learn. You can contact us as PropertyTr to reach these details and set up a workplace correctly. In this way, we will provide you with the best service by informing you about it.

Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship

  • Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Working Method in Turkey

One of the most preferred methods for obtaining citizenship in Turkey is to work in the country. It is among the most preferred on this road. The time required to obtain Turkish citizenship in this way is 5 years. If you work in Turkey for 5 years, you can apply for Turkish citizenship. The first thing you need to do to work in Turkey is to apply to companies and workplaces. These workplaces and companies must accept your employment request. In this way, you can move to this country to work in Turkey by obtaining your work permit. After getting your work permit, you will also need to have a residence permit in this country. This residence permit will be renewed every year. You can apply to authorized institutions to extend your residence permit every year. At the end of 5 years, you can apply for Turkish citizenship and obtain your citizenship after a certain period.

  • Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Investing in a Bank

If you do not prefer other methods, you can become a Turkish citizen with your money. What you need to do for this method is to invest money in any bank in Turkey. To realize this, you must invest $500,000. Thus, you will have to wait 3 years after the bank receives this money from you. You should remember that you cannot use your money. Thanks to this investment, you can apply for Turkish citizenship.

What are the Advantages You Will Gain Thanks to Turkish Citizenship?

If you want to get citizenship in Turkey, you can get to know the advantages you will gain thanks to this citizenship. Turkey is a country full of opportunities. Thanks to the citizenship you will obtain in this country, you can benefit from various opportunities. Therefore, you can examine the reasons for choosing this country below.

  • Thanks to Turkish citizenship, you will have the opportunity to benefit from national health plans. Health conditions that are not provided for free in most countries are free in Turkey. Many health plans are available to you for free. It is possible to benefit from these services with your family. In this way, you will be ready to receive the best service with advanced health services.
  • Turkey stands out with its freedom and democratic understanding. Every person lives freely in this country. If you are going to start living in Turkey and you have obtained your Turkish citizenship, you will have the right to have a say in the political issues of this country. The authority you will have in this regard stands out as the right to choose and be elected. You will have presented your decisions for the democratic structure about the right to vote and be elected.
  • After starting your life in Turkey, you may want to buy a suitable car for yourself in the conditions of the country. You will be able to buy the car you want in this country. Also, no customs duty will be charged on this car. In other words, you will be exempt from customs taxes with the car you have purchased.
  • Thanks to the Turkish citizenship you have in Turkey, you will be able to enter the country whenever you want. You will not need a visa when you enter Turkey. You can enter Turkey without a visa at any time.
  • You will be given the right to buy property without a military check. It is possible to buy the property you want by following the necessary process without encountering the check system.
  • Thanks to the citizenship you will have obtained in Turkey, you can apply for various job opportunities. You do not need a work permit in this country, which will offer you various opportunities in every field of business. After you apply for the job you want and get accepted, you can start working in these workplaces. Thus, there will be no need for a permit process.
Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship

With Turkish citizenship in Turkey, you have the rights of everyone living in the country. It is possible to take advantage of all the rights. However, if you get a long-term residence permit, the opportunities you will benefit from will be limited. If you want to become a citizen in Turkey, you can obtain the citizenship you want by following the necessary steps.

Conditions for Having Turkish Citizenship

The main conditions for you to have Turkish citizenship are divided into two. If a person’s mother and father are Turkish, this person will be considered a Turkish citizen. The person who meets this requirement is accepted into the system as a direct Turkish citizen. On the other hand, if a baby was born in Turkey and his mother or father is unknown, this baby is also entered into the system as a Turkish citizen. Babies with stateless parents are also accepted into Turkish citizenship.

  • On the other hand, there are some criteria for people who want to obtain Turkish citizenship. Especially foreign nationals and stateless people may want to apply for Turkish citizenship. In this case, if they meet the criteria, it will be possible for them to apply for Turkish citizenship. These criteria are:
  • A person who wants to become a Turkish citizen in Turkey from a foreign country must be of legal age following the constitution of the country he resides in. If the person is to apply for Turkish citizenship without being stateless, he must be of legal age following the Turkish constitution. A minority is not required for children of family applicants. These people can also apply directly on behalf of their families.
  • If the applicant from abroad has settled in Turkey and has been in this country for 5 years with a work permit, he/she can also apply for citizenship. For those who try methods such as investing or starting a business, there is no such thing as waiting for five years. Citizens of Turkish countries have only 2 years limit to live in Turkey.
  • In addition, people can apply for Turkish citizenship if they meet certain conditions. There are several methods for making this application. They can apply by trying these methods.
  • One of the most important conditions is that the person who will apply for Turkish citizenship must have filled the minimum budget of 250,000 dollars in the purchase of the property. In this way, he can apply for Turkish citizenship with his property. If he gets permission to move to this property, the person will start to live in Turkey from now on. You can check the site for more details on the subject. You will be able to access the information you want.

As PropertyTr, we aim to give you the best service. If you are planning to come to Turkey from abroad to live, you should have detailed information about Turkish citizenship. It will be the right choice for you to contact the authorized persons to obtain all the information during the waiting process. That’s why we have provided you with all contact information on our site. You can contact us using that contact information. We will be ready to serve you with the properties in the best locations and the process you will follow for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

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