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Why Is Turkey Citizenship By Investment Process Gaining Popularity?

Why Is Turkey Citizenship By Investment Process Gaining Popularity?

Turkey is country that enjoys good global connections and important geostrategic location. Likewise Turkish citizenship is among one of the most 30 most powerful passports of the world. Turkey traditionally known as tourism hub, but the scenario is fast changing. Rapid infrastructural development, increased trade and commerce and Turkey’s strategic location influencing global trade and commerce have influenced the demand for second citizenship in the country. Turkey citizenship by investment process is one of the prime methods investors are focusing on.


Merits of Turkey’s citizenship by investment process

Citizenship by investment is one of the key methods followed by some of the European and Carrabin countries. Turkey ranks firsts among the nation offering citizenship in lieu of investment. The investment options and the ceilings offered by the Turkish government have definite merits over similar processes offered other nations. Some of the prominent merits are mentioned below.

  • The investment value is lower as compared to other nations offering similar choices.
  • Turkey offers several benefits for its citizens.
  • Health care facilities for citizens are one of the major factors for people opting for Turkish citizenship.
  • Education prospects are also one of the prime reasons why people want to settle in Turkey.
  • Low cost of living of living.
  • Visa-free travel to 114 countries.
  • The decline in investment value form $1 million to the current $250,000+ fees is one of the lowest rates for all the countries offering such schemes.

Turkey’s global connections as reason for choosing Turkey citizenship by investment process

Geographically Turkey is wonderfully placed. It connects Asia and Europe; hence it plays a major role in international trade and commerce. The sea route and the convenient global location for business summits make it an important entity for global business world.

Turkey holds good global position and relationship with various powerful nations. It has E-2 visa treaty with USA. This means Turkish citizens can apply for residency in USA. This provision is also open for Turkish citizenship by investment process. Thus the Citizenship process is of huge benefit for people who are aiming for residency in USA.

The second big plus point of Turkish international relations is the Ankara Treaty with UK. This allows Turkish citizens to apply for business visa for UK. The Turkish businessperson Visa programme, allows Turkish citizen to get faster visa approval for UK. The value of business to be contributed by Turkish citizens is lower for UK as compared to citizens of other countries applying for business visa.

Citizenship Investment limits – A quick look

  • Real estate investment- $250,000.
  • Bank Deposit- $500,000.
  • Capital Investment- $500,000.

The applicant must hold the investment for a stipulated period for 3 years. The time limit for granting Turkey citizenship is 3-6 months.

Residency in Turkey

Turkey citizenship program is different from residency in Turkey. Residency is permission to live in Turkey for minimum time of six months. It also allows people to do business, study and travel. It is valid of six months and can be renewed then after for another six months and successively.

The Turkish citizenship by investment process grants citizenship to people through investment process. It is valid for lifetime. Some quick facts about Turkish citizenship are mentioned below.

  • The investment is a onetime investment.
  • The investment can be withdrawn after three years.
  • Turkey allows second citizenship.
  • The citizenship is valid for lifetime.
  • The citizenship also covers family of the applicant comprising of wife and children below eighteen years of age.
  • People holding dual citizens of Turkey enjoy same benefits as the original citizens of Turkey.
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