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Why investing in real estate Istanbul Turkey should not be like a bet?

Why investing in real estate Istanbul Turkey should not be like a bet?

Investing in real estate Istanbul Turkey never should be a matter of chance or just whim. Though the truth is the houses in Istanbul are so beautiful and the city so vibrant that so many visitors fall in love at first sight. But if you want good returns from your real estate investment, you must research about essential factors and requisite data. Mind the fact that just like the city skyline, facts and information about the property market keeps changing. Thus latest news about Istanbul is your key to successfully finding the perfect house for sale Istanbul Turkey.

Impact of new airport on real estate Istanbul

Turkey’s brilliant geographical position between Asia, Middle East and Europe is of major emphasis.  As the new airport situated 22 miles from the city opens its doors to 150 million travelers annually, it will sure change the game of real estate Istanbul Turkey. It will be world’s largest airport with flight time to as many as 122 countries will be between 3-4 hours. That makes Istanbul a perfect center spot for business meets and conferences. This makes the number greater to the business travelers, the brighter is the fortune of real estate market in the city. Which are real estate asset classes most benefited from this development?

  • Hotels- More the number of business travelers means a greater demand for world class hotels.
  • Rental properties- Business growth helps rise in demand in rental properties. As Istanbul welcomes the world like never before, many associated business like restaurants and entertainment hubs and shopping malls would get a new impetus.

How the Canal Istanbul Project will impact real estate Istanbul Turkey?

The Canal Istanbul Project is one of the most ambitious projects of Turkish government. It is not only for immense economic and geographical importance to Turkey but also to all major countries of the world. The artificial sea way is being constructed between Black Sea and Marmara Sea. This would make mitigation of oil tankers easier between two continents. This also seals Turkey’s importance for bilateral trade between Asia and Europe.

  • Real estate prices have soared ever since the Canal Istanbul project has been announced.
  • A rising international trade has brought in foreign real estate investments for Turkey.
  • The Canal Istanbul will place Turkey as one of the world’s leading countries, thus increasing the demand for real estate in Turkey.
  • Real estate Istanbul Turkey is going to get fabulous appreciation because of the Canal Project.

3rd Bridge Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge

The Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is a bridge for motor vehicle and rail has opened up the northern part of Istanbul for cheap property for sale in Istanbul Turkey. This has acted as an immense boon to the real estate prospects as because the prices of the properties are less in the northern part of the city as compared to the center part of Istanbul. Many modern state of art projects have by renowned construction companies have announce their projects. The demand for real estate Istanbul Turkey is high and meet the demand, the northern side offers the right opportunity.

Northern Marmara Motorway as a major factor behind choosing house for sale Istanbul Turkey.

This six lane motor ways also plays a crucial role in diverting the attention to the northern part of the city. The motorway constructed as a part of the development plan that helps bypass central part of Istanbul and connect the northern part. You can live in the quaint and cheap part of the city and easily connect to central Istanbul. This gives you the reason why you should invest in real estate Istanbul Turkey now.

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