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Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Turkish Citizenship by Investment

How to get Turkish Citizenship is one of the question asked frequently and we would like to give you the details of Turkish Citizenship.

On 18th of September 2018, Turkish Government has changed the laws of having Turkish Citizenship and reduced the cost of having the citizenship. Here you will see how you can get it;

  • Property investment worth of 250.000 USD
  • Establish or buy an existing company worth of 500.000 USD
  • Deposit 500.000 USD into Turkish banks and no withdraw for 3 years.

Rather than those criterias, also having 50 staff by meaning that providing jobs to 50 Turkish people will allow you to apply for Turkish Citizenship.

Easiest and quickest way and at the same time most profitable way is to invest in Turkey with 250.000 USD worth of property. Later on in this article, we will be offering you some excellent investment opportunities in Turkey.

Once this 250.000 USD property investment has been done, then the annotation of the properties must not be sold for three years. This option was 1million USD before 18th of September.


Here is the video for How to get Turkish Citizenship


Some frequently asked questions about how to get Turkish Citizenship;


Question : Will my wife or husband and the kids are eligible to get it ?

Answer :Yes, your wife or husband kids below 18 years old will get the Turkish Citizenship.


Question : How many properties should we buy ? only 1 ? or more ?

Answer : There is no limitation as long as you reach to 250.000 USD worth of property. It might be only one property or more than 1.


Question : How the property will be valued ?

Answer : As company, we are working with expertise company who got the SPK licence and those licenced authorities will evaluate the properties. But as PropertyTR, we have got responsibility to offer you which has got all the requirements.


Question : I buy in Lira but law says USD. So how will exchange rate will be calculated ?

Answer : The date will be the date when you got your title deeds and rates will be adopted from the Central Bank of Turkey.


Question : Is it possible to pay in Cash

Answer : No, payment must be through the banks.


Question : Is it possible to sell the properties I bought after getting the citizenship?

Answer : No, you can not sell your properties for 3 years.


Question : I already got some properties in Turkey. Can I count them for the citizenship ?

Answer : Depends. If you purchased the apartment before 18th of September 2018, then you can apply if worth of 1million USD.


Question : Can I buy the properties from my relatives who already purchased in Turkey ?

Answer : No you can not. You should buy from Turkish company or from Turkish person.


Question : Can I have two nationalities ? Or should I give up on one ?

Answer :No, Turkey will allow you to have two passports at the same time.


Let us offer you great options with high return of investment + citizenship guaranteed projects.


1 – Houses for Sale in Bosphorus Istanbul


This project is located at the heart of Istanbul and the tallest tower in Europe. Ready to move and you can immediately start collecting rent. This is the one all international real estate investors choice and in 3 years time you will be having very high capital appreciation too. Its not only for investment but this offers you an excellent luxury life living opportunitiy.


Video below shows the location of the project;






2 – Peaceful Complex in Basin Express in Istanbul for Sale


Basin Express in another way, Media Highway which means the connection road to E5 and E6 main roads that’s why this connection road has got its own unique location where is determined as the business and residential area.


This project is only 1 min walking distance away from the university which will allow you to have quick rental income which comes to 6% per year.


For more information about property for sale in Istanbul, please watch the video below;





Lastly, another project located in Beylikduzu, but seaside area, only few mins walking distance to West Wall Marina and most of the apartments at the project facing to the sea. Its 100% family oriented project where you can relax with your family and loved ones.


For more information, please watch the video below;



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