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Which is the best city for property investment in Turkey?

Which is the best city for property investment in Turkey?

Which is the best city for property investment in Turkey?

In the face of this question, most people think that Istanbul is the best city for property investment in Turkey. Yeah, well, that might be true in a way, but let's surprise you a little bit. 

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The investment opportunities in Trabzon do not exist in other cities of Turkey. Because Trabzon is one of the most greenest cities in Turkey and the soil is very favorable. In recent years, construction sector is the most intense city. But there is no chaos like in other cities. 

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The layout and construction of the building is very different. Usually safe sites are built. Trabzon is one of the most livable cities of Turkey. Although it does not speak much, it is one of the most interesting cities in terms of tourism. As PROPERTYTR company, we have many projects in Trabzon.

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 These projects are the best construction projects in Trabzon and are especially the center of attention of Arab and European tourists. It is very easy to reach Trabzon city by air, land and sea. This is a very advantageous city.

About Trabzon

Located in the Eastern Black Sea Region, Trabzon is at the beginning of the Caucasus and the Iranian transit road. It is connected to the ports of other countries on the coast of the Black Sea. It is a touristic city that can be visited by four seasons with its historical and natural beauties. 

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It is also famous for its unique cuisine and delicious foods. There are thousands of domestic and foreign tourists who come to this city to taste just different flavors. The people of Trabzon, life style, tradition and tradition in terms of their own and have specific characteristics. 

Invest in Trabzon

The total population is 765.127. Approximately 54% of this population lives in urban and district centers, while 46% live in rural areas, ie villages. If you want to make property investment in Trabzon, we can advice you many project for this.

Buy property in Trabzon

If you buy property in Trabzon, it will be the most wise and profitable investment you will make. You have many reasons for this. Do you wonder what they are? Let us explain immediately:

  • You will make an investment that you can profit for life.
  • Not only for investment, but also you will have a house tol ive with your family
  • You will have property in the most beautiful city of Turkey
  • You can rent out 4 seasons and get high rental income.
  • In a city where foreign tourists buy the most property, you will own a property
  • All projects in Trabzon are carried out in accordance with the standards. Never affected by weather conditions.
  • Your investment gains value in a very short time
  • You can sell quickly at any time
  • Expect monthly rental income on average

To make a truly different and profitable investment in Turkey, Trabzon is the ideal city. It's a city that has so many features here that we can't count. It is capable of making you happy both financially and spiritually.

Property invest in Trabzon

As the PROPERTYTR company, we are building various real estate projects in the most beautiful cities of Turkey. Trabzon is one of the most important cities. Because we want to create projects worthy of Trabzon. 

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If you think about property invest in Trabzon, we will offer you the best options. Below is a sample project. But apart from this project, we have many different projects. We would like to host you in Trabzon and show you our projects. To do this, just call or write to us. So you can see the city and make a decision and make sure that you make the right decision. 

Property projects in Trabzon

Family Complex in Trabzon project, which is planned to be delivered in August 2019, is the most magnificent project of Trabzon city. Adding a different color to Trabzon, this magnificent project is an ideal living space for families and one of the most popular options for investment.

Property for sale in Trabzon

 Built on 3691 square meters and consisting of a total of 78 apartments, each of the houses is 170 square meters. The apartments, which are offered for sale at prices ranging from 340.000 to 550.000 TL, are surrounded by green areas. There are playgrounds for children, sports fields, indoor swimming pool, and a wide range of social facilities. 

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