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A beginner’s guide to buying second hand property in Istanbul

A beginner’s guide to buying second hand property in Istanbul

It is a common word among real estate investors if buying second hand property in Istanbul, a location of central Istanbul is cream of the cake. Turkey is wonderfully located between Asia, Middle East and Europe in manner that makes it’s a global hot spot for trade and commerce. Along with the trail, real estate investment in Istanbul has rightfully caught the attention of investors from across Asia and Europe like never before. The opening of the new airport and drastic modernization are some of the latest cues about the growth story that Istanbul is currently.

Why buying second hand property in Istanbul is a lucrative choice?

For families hoping a second home, to real estate eagles, getting their foot on the Turkish property ladder is an exciting possibility. Istanbul being the largest city is a fancied investment destination for many. Why not? Investors have 36 bustling districts to choose from. They house best property for sale near Istanbul. The real estate portfolio of Istanbul is marked by a plethora of apartments, villas and commercial spaces to die for. The fast paced action if the Istanbul’s real estate market may baffle many.  Here you are presented with answers of all whys and how’s of Istanbul’s real estate cacophony. Thus you spot the opportunity for buying best property for sale in Istanbul.

Let us have a quick look at Istanbul’s credits as a global investment destination.

  • A multitude of real estate options to choose from
  • Easy transit to any major of the world
  • Increasing commercial importance of Istanbul in world map
  • The real estate market s in a redevelopment stage
  • Bright prospects for long time investors

Where to fish for best second hand property for sale in Istanbul?

When choosing a location for your property in the lavish city of Istanbul, there will not be a uniform answer for you all. There exist three primary factors- reason for buying, lifestyle needs and budget which drives your buying decision for any property irrespective of its location. Central Istanbul holds the prime spot in the investment map of the city. Yet a flurry of activities in some other parts has opened up some exciting choices for investors. Some of the popular districts for buying second hand property in Istanbul are as follows. 

  • Galata
  • Beyuglu
  • Taksim
  • Faith
  • Besiktas
  • Sultanahmet

The above are the popular destinations on the European side of Turkey. The Asian side of the magnanimous city is also gaining popularity among investors. Kadikoy and Uskudar are appearing to be bright spot among. The reasons for immense popularity of these districts are varied. Buying second hand property in Istanbul is popular choice in these areas.

Characteristic traits of best property for sale near Istanbul.

Now that investment, Istanbul convinces to be a well chosen investment destination, know the elements of success for buying second hand property in Istanbul.

  • The first focal point should be the price of the property as compared to the neighboring properties. If it is a second hand property, chances are ripe that you seal a deal at a lower price.
  • It has majority of the desirable specifications according to the local market.
  • The chances of selling the property on completion of the investment period, is easy and profitable.
  • The property should also be a capable of short term profit if necessary.
  • New projects in central Istanbul is scarce, thus the choice of buying second hand property in Istanbul is evident. The good factor is that central Istanbul never loses its value, so property prices are always appreciating.

Now, with this guide, get set ready for investing the booming real estate sector of this wonderful city.

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