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What’s the reason to invest in real estate in Istanbul?

What’s the reason to invest in real estate in Istanbul?

What's the reason to invest in real estate in Istanbul?

Before making any investment in any matter, we always think and analyze in detail about that investment. Because we want to invest the money we've accumulated for years, what we really believe will help us. 

Invest in Turkey

When you think about reason the to invest in real estate in Istanbul, you will find that you have a lot of reasons for this. In fact, the first thing you should think about is why you haven't invested until this time. Because if you haven't invested so far, it's your fault. Fortunately, you're not late. You still have time to invest in real estate in Istanbul. We will help you with this and offer you a variety of alternatives. 

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Together we'll find the most profitable investment for you. According to the real estate price you purchased in Istanbul, you gain. The more expensive the property, the higher the profit you will get. PROPERTYTR consultants will help you with which real estate you need to buy. 

Investment in Istanbul

It is the dream of many investors to invest in Istanbul. Because it is the most prestigious investment tool that you can earn high profits in a short time. Especially those who invest in real estate, start to profit as soon as possible and real estate they buy is worth every day. 

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There are many real estate in Istanbul. It is not possible to say all these projects very well. To make the best real estate definition, we can say that you can live comfortably with your family and earn it for investment purposes. we can define it as a real estate. Wouldn't it be good for you if you had an investment with these two features? As PROPERTYTR, we have many countless projects like this. We would like to introduce you our different real estate projects from one of the dozens you can buy for both comfortable life and investment purposes. Just call us!


You have many reasons for real estate investment in Istanbul. We would like to explain these reasons to you individually: 

  • You can buy cheap real estate
  • You gain high earnings in the short term
  • Very easy and fast to sell.
  • You can immediately find the tenant
  • You can pay by installments for the property you purchased
  • You are prestigious in a city like Istanbul
  • Real estate trading is very easy and taxes are low.
  • Foreign investors are provided with many convenience and supported.
  • You can get citizenship of the Republic of Turkey.
  • And the most important thing; You work with a company like as PROPERTYTR.

Remember this; The investment you will make in Istanbul definitely pays for itself in a short time. You'il never harm the material sense. You get regular rental income and if you need urgent cash, you can sell the property you purchased immediately. As with buying transactions, we'll help you with sales. 

And what’s next?

You bought real estate in Istanbul, you made your payment, the transactions and procedures were completed. And what’s next? The pleasant time for you is actually starting now. Because you have many advantages. If you don't plan to live in the house you buy now, you can rent it instantly and earn monthly rent income. Even if you live abroad, your bank account is paid every month.

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 We will support you in this regard and we will provide free advice. Please do not worry. During this period, you can make the remaining installment payments from the rental income. Thus, the real estate you buy makes self-payment. Sounds good, doesn't it? Briefly; return to your country after transactions and sit back and enjoy a profitable investment.

Which real estate project in Istanbul?

Istanbul is the richest city in terms of real estate. Turkey's biggest city is attracting investors. We have dozens of different projects that we do and continue to do in this city. Boutique Residences in Downtown is one of them. 

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This magnificent project, built in Gungoren, the most central district of Istanbul, was built on an area of 3500 square meters. With a total of 196 apartments ranging from 73 m2 to 161 m2, you will find every comfort. It is one of the most popular projects of Istanbul with its sports areas, playgrounds, 7×24 security and social life areas. If you see such an impressive project in Istanbul, ask if there is any PROPERTYTR signature in the project. Because we are doing the most impressive projects of Istanbul.


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