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What to look for when investing in commercial real estate in Istanbul Turkey?

What to look for when investing in commercial real estate in Istanbul Turkey?

Commercial real estate in Istanbul Turkey has developed into an interesting ecosystem. The very beauty of this segment is that like the residential real estate market, the commercial sector is also versatile. It attracts and accommodates investors of varied investing capabilities. This is also one of the reasons behind the unprecedented growth. There are many factors that influence the prospects of commercial property for sale in Istanbul.

Turkey’s claim to being an internal commercial hub

Historically Turkey has always been an important node of global trade and commerce. In current scenario, Istanbul, Turkey retains its claim to become an investment gold field for the Middle East and rest of the world. Some of the factors that facilitate Istanbul’s position as global commercial nerve center are mentioned below. 

  • Istanbul, Turkey’s geographical position. The reason that Istanbul has emerged as one of the brightest gems of the Middle East is its geographical position. It connects two major continents Asia and Europe. Commercial activities between these two continents seem feasible when they are based in Turkey. It also plays an important role in global transit. The trade relations between Middle Eastern countries and the rest of the world are good and Turkey plays an important role for the same. The construction of state of art airports has made global transit even easier. Commercial real estate in Istanbul Turkey is one of the fastest growing sectors for this reason.
  • World class infrastructural facilities – Turkey offers high stand of infrastructure. It is one of the highly infrastructural advanced countries of the Middle East part of the world. Thus, a large part of trade and commerce is carried out with a base in Turkey, Istanbul.

Where to buy commercial real estate in Istanbul?

Making a commercial real estate in Istanbul Turkey investment is even trickier than making a residential investment. The reason is that most commercial real estate investment is maid both for rental income and for commercial gains. To find an area that offers profit in both these coordinates requires a thorough study. The areas in Istanbul which that has a fast growth pace are as follows.

  • Mecidiyekoy.
  • Arnavutkoy.
  • Bakirkoy.
  • Sisli.
  • Avcilar.
  • Kadikoy.
  • Basaksehir.
  • Maltepe.
  • Esneyurt.

Once you pinpoint the exact locality, its gets easier to scout for individual commercial space and look into the pros and cons doe each place.

What to look for in commercial in Istanbul before making investment?

Commercial real estate in Istanbul Turkey is spread across the city. Some of the features that any viable commercial space must have are mentioned below.

  • The commercial space should be located on the main roads so that it can offer easy connectivity. Istanbul has made immense infrastructural development, look for a place which is connected by the metro.
  • The commercial building should provide with modern facilities. Depending upon the kind of business that the place would be used for the infra structure should be present. Enough car parking is one of the factors to look for.
  • A perfect Commercial real estate in Istanbul Turkey should have the technological infrastructure. It is vital for any business to run, thus a property that comes with inbuilt technical support saves your money.
  • Central heating system, modern elevators, abundant sunlight and open space are some of the major requirements for any standard commercial space. If you buy commercial real estate in Istanbul you must check for these inbuilt facilities.

Lastly, know that every commercial office has its own requirements depending upon the kind of business it carries out; choose a commercial space which is flexible to cater for various commercial activities.

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