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Ways To Avail Most Profit By Getting Citizenship By Real Estate Investment In Turkey

Ways To Avail Most Profit By Getting Citizenship By Real Estate Investment In Turkey

The real estate market in Turkey is getting attention from all around the world in recent times. Due to the growing infrastructure and economy in Turkey, there are several high-end properties in which you can invest in. And because of the simplicity of Turkish law, you can get citizenship by real estate investment in Turkey. So, apart from getting great business opportunities, you will also get to have dual passport just by investing here.

As alluring as it sounds, you still have to play smart to get most profit from your investment. There are some of the sure shot way you can avail continuous profit that will increase even after years of investment.


Compare prices for citizenship by real estate investment in Turkey

The most common way to get profit from any kind of investment is to compare offers. In this case, before investing in a property you should talk to different real estate agents. And then compare all of their offers with each other. Sometimes you can get a great property at a cheap price with this tactic.

Invest in a villa for most profit from citizenship by real estate investment in Turkey

Villas are not only luxuries but these are known to increase in value. So, investing in a grand property like that will surely be in your favour. Plus, you can get the room for renovation and adding accommodation according your needs as villas are spacious. Make sure that the villa has at least 1 foot gap on all four sides to have some privacy from the neighbouring properties.

Choose a high-end and popular area

Just like villas, some part of Turkey also increases in value. Due to the rise of tourism industry, some of the areas are more popular here. So, if you manage to get an apartment there, you can rise the price along with the high market value. So, if you want to get an citizenship by real estate investment in Turkey, do it the right way.

Give your property for rent to tenants

Giving your property for rental may be the best decision for earning most profit. If you are not planning on moving in here right away but still want to look out for your property, having tenants is a brilliant idea. Your property will not be vacant thus there will be no worries to get robbed or occuring damages. And the monthly income is obviously the best part of this plan. The better the neighbourhood the better rental money you can get with your investment.

Think about vacation rentals

Apart from getting long term tenants, you can also turn you property into a vacation home. Because Turkey is one of the hot tourist spot, you will have no problem to get lucrative offers. Just make sure to choose a property near a tourist attraction or near a more crowded street. If the area is around public transportation and other accommodation like malls and restaurants, then you can get more offers easily.

What not to do:

  • Don’t rush the buying process. Many unauthorised real estate companies will try to sell the property over phone call. But don’t fall under that trap.
  • Make sure to inspect the property personally to be sure about the condition.
  • Hire a legal persona to check the lease agreement.
  • Learn if the property is free from outstanding dues and get NOC from authorities.

The buying process is fairly easy and quick. And getting the citizenship by real estate investment in Turkey quicker. So, when you want to get sure return of your investment, Turkey is the place to be.

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