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How Important It Is To Learn About Turkey Citizenship By Investment Steps

How Important It Is To Learn About Turkey Citizenship By Investment Steps

In September, 2018 Turkey took the revolutionary step and introduced Turkish citizenship by Investment program in new light. The drastic reduction of investment amount from USD 250,000, has brought Turkey in limelight for investors aiming for dual citizenship. Turkish citizenship by investment steps has been simplified to ease the process further.

Turkey has been working on all the right machinery to woo foreign investors. Bullish infrastructure development, increased international trade and commerce, high return on investment and cosmopolitan environment have gravitated it towards being one of the international investment hot spot.


Advantages of Turkish Citizenship by investment steps – A quick look

  • Dual citizenship– This is one of the most advantageous points of Turkish citizenship. The government allows citizens to hold citizenship of their original country and grants them a second citizenship that of Turkey. The second citizenship grants them equal privileges as original citizens of Turkey.
  • Work in Turkey – The acquired citizenship allows people to work in Turkey and earn profits for business investment.
  • Doorway for UK and USA– Turkish citizens can get trade visas for UK and USA easily. This provision is particularly beneficial for people from Gulf countries and Asia aiming to immigrate to UK and USA.
  • Visa-free travel– A Turkish passport grants you the privilege of travelling to 104 countries visa free. This makes the passport to be among the top 30 most powerful passports of the world.

Turkish Visa by investment Steps to be followed

Step 1 – Acquire a Turkish Tax Registration Number

Approach a tax registration office with original passport and photos to get a tax registration number.

Step 2- Open a bank account in Turkey

A bank account is required for financial transactions. The tax registration number is required for opening a bank account.

Step 3 – Search for a property worth USD250, 000.

There is no stipulation on the type of property you choose to invest. The only criterion is that the official valuation of the property must be equal to above USD250, 000. Check for the following two documents. The Habitation license and Title Deed are required for the property.

Step 4- Purchase the Property.

After the bank transfer the title deed registry or Notarized State contract has to be made. However if you go for citizenship by investment policy you are bound by law not to sell your property for next three years.

Step 5 – Apply for Turkish Residency

You have to obtain Turkish Residency at the office of Directorate General of Migration Management.

Step 6- Apply for Turkish citizenship

Apply for Turkish citizenship at the office of Directorate General of Migration Management. Turkish residency is required for application to be submitted in designated office.

After completing the Turkey citizenship investment steps, there is waiting period.

The documents required for applying for Turkish citizenship

Birth certificate – The certificate must be stamped by the designate authority of the respective country you belong to.

Marital Status- The marital certificate or divorce certificate that certifies your marital status. It must also be certified by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Turkish Embassy in your country.

Biometric photos- The documents must include 4 bio metric photos. It will be 5×6 size and white and black back ground.

Copy of original passport- Attested copy of your passport must be provided along with the citizenship application.

Address proof- You must provide proof of current residence along with the application for citizenship. You must provide utility bills or bank statement to certify your residence proof.

Once all documents are submitted and Turkey citizenship by investment steps are completed you may be granted citizenship after a period of three months. Once granted the citizenship is valid for lifetime.

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