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The Most Effective Way to Get Turkish Citizenship with Investment

The Most Effective Way to Get Turkish Citizenship with Investment

Turkey is a city in Middle East where east meets west. Characterized by a unique geostrategic location, Turkey carefully sits between Europe and Asia. It is a land rich in history and culture. It is a city worth settling in. And if you are thinking of shifting to this religiously diverse land, then getting your turkish citizenship with investment is the best way to go.


What is the Turkish Citizenship with Investment Program?

In early 2017, a program was launched in Turkey that allowed people from around the world to practically buy their way to Turkish citizenship! The Turkish citizenship with investment program was a strategically designed idea that helped in facilitating their economy by granting foreign investors with Turkish citizenship. This program became successful in boosting the growth of Turkish real estate sector, which was adversely impacted by the gruesome terror attacks of 2016.

The Turkish Citizenship with Investment Program Proffers Benefits

More than an act of quid pro quo, if you opt for the turkish citizenship with investment program you are not only helping Turkey’s economy to prosper but also benefiting yourself in return! The Turkish citizenship proffers you with cardinal benefits that are too attractive to ignore.

  • Deciding on the Turkish citizenship by real estate investment program not only provides you with Turkish citizenship but also gives you visa-free access to more than 100 destinations including Brazil, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan. This is a huge advantage for anyone who loves to travel.
  • The program while granting your citizenship also gives full citizenship rights to your family members.
  • Another very striking benefit is the program’s ability to provide you with a second passport. To have a Turkish passport is in itself a benefit.
  • Having a Turkish passport allows you with the right to education, free healthcare, medical rights with pensions, and also the right to vote.

Criteria for Foreign Investors under the Investment Program

The criteria for accessing turkish citizenship with investment for foreign investors, which was initially decreed in 2017, underwent certain changes in 2018. The new rules were published in the Official Gazette that pronounced a decrease in the amount of minimum investment from $1 million to $250,000 with respect to property acquisitions. The amount for financial investments was also lowered from $2 million to $500,000. These criteria make Turkey’s living conditions quite affordable.

Based on these changes, if foreign investors can deposit $500,000 in Turkish banks, invest about $250,000 in real estate, and can buy $500,000 worth government bonds, then they are considered as eligible to register for Turkish citizenship.

Required Documents to Avail For Your Turkish Citizenship

To become a law-abiding citizen of Turkey, first you must get the necessary documents in place for your Turkish citizenship through real estate investment. These documents involve copies of your original passport, copies of your birth certificate, certificate of your marital status, power of attorney, proof of health insurance, and few of your photographs. You also need to fill the respective application form and submit it along with the above documents to get registered and become a Turkish citizen.

And Finally Enjoy Being A Turkish Citizen!

After procuring your turkish citizenship with investment in real estate, you can finally enjoy Turkey in its truest essence. It is the perfect place for its climate and cuisine. It is a place characterized by outdoor living. One of the lovable traits of living in Turkey is its reasonable cost of living. With affordable housing and water facility, the living cost makes you fall in love with this culturally diverse city.

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