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Turkish Military Service Dual Nationals

Turkish Military Service Dual Nationals

Dual citizenship can be achieved by moving an individual born in another country to another country under certain conditions and acquiring citizenship there. Turkish citizens who migrated to other countries for job opportunities after the World War 2, were entitled to become citizens of other countries that they have immigrated. This raises questions about the compulsory for Turkish military service dual nationals of a certain age.

In the process of harmonization with European Union, some laws have been established. If you have negotiated with dual citizenship in some countries, according to this law, you can be exempted from military service in Turkey.

However, if you want to be affected your job and education situation in the country that you live as dual citizen because of military services, you can postpone your military operations in Turkey, too. Military postponement procedures have a specific procedure and law. Accordingly, if you are a Turkish citizen born abroad, you can postpone your military service until the age of 38.

It is clearly stated in the law whether you will be exempt from military service due to your dual citizenship.

According to Military Law – Article 1111;

Turkey or born abroad, but also people who are also citizens of other countries can defer their military operation until 38 years after the age of 18. However, this condition applies if the person has not performed military service on both sides.


Can I Exempt From Military Service As Dual Citizen?

If people who are citizens of other countries also brought his military service there in Turkey until it is possible to be exempted from military service. However, according to the law; If you have performed your duty military service in the country where your citizenship outside Turkey, you need to submit this situation. This way you exempt your Turkish military service dual nationals in Turkey. Of course, this can be done within the countries specified in the law. The list of countries specified in the law is as follows. If you have done the military service as dual citizen in one of the countries on this list we mentioned below, you can exempt on your military service in Turkey.

Here is the list of the countries that mentioned in Turkish military law for dual citizens.

– Austria

– Denmark

– Finland

– Israel

– Switzerland

– Syria

– Norway

– Greece

– Tunisia

In these countries, the status of those who are found to be unfit for military service before or after commencement of military service and whose reports from the official hospitals are approved by the consulates are examined and decided by the Health Department of the Ministry of National Defense.

The countries where military service will be accepted shall be determined by the Ministry of National Defense in December of each year by taking the opinions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Interior Affairs, if deemed necessary. all kinds of military service performed in the TRNC, is considered military service in Turkey.

A number of countries which is taken immigration from Turkey is not included in this list. This is due to the fact that mandatory military service has been terminated in these countries. Here is the list of these countries that you may want to know:

– Netherlands – compulsory military service has been abolished since 01 January 1997.

– Belgium – compulsory military service has been abolished since 01 January 1998.

– France – As of 01 January 1999 in those who were born after 31 December 1978 are suspended from their military service obligations, so the applications of those born after that date will not be accepted.

– Due to the abolition of compulsory military service in Italy since 1985 births, it was removed from the list as of 01 January 2005. Applications for younger births (including 1986) will not be accepted.

– Sweden – Compulsory military service has been abolished as of 01 July 2010.

– Germany – Compulsory military service has been abolished as of 01 July 2011.

Postponement of Military Service for Dual Citizens

If you were born in a country other than Turkey or, you are minimum 18 years of age and residing in the country that you have become a citizen of other country, and that if you want to postpone your military duty, you can apply to postpone your military service until the end of 38 years of age.

If you have the necessary conditions for postponement of military service and you have postponed your military service until the end of the age of 38, you can apply to the military branch and perform your military service before the age of 38 if you wish.

According to Article 2 of the 1111 Military Law; if you became a Turkish citizen later and in accordance with your age and educational status, you may not do military service upon your request for 2 years after becoming a citizen.

At the end of your postponement period, you will perform your military service with the arrowing. In exceptional circumstances, such as the declaration of mobilization, the rule of 2 years are not taken into account.

You can reach detailed information about deferral procedures for dual citizenship by online at the Ministry of Defense website.

If you live abroad and can document this situation as a Turkish citizen, you can apply for paid military service.

The usual military service period of 5.5 months creates problems in the residence rights of people who work abroad and wish to become dual citizens and thus in their working life. As dual citizens living in Turkey, they live in countries where per capita income is much higher than in Turkey. Dual nationals of payments made in foreign currency in Turkey, state and represent a considerable source of income for the military. In this way, the Turkish state earned 870 million euros in ten years.

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