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How to Get Turkish Citizenship Through Marriage?

How to Get Turkish Citizenship Through Marriage?

You have been living in Turkey for many years and you have no plans to go back to your country. It is perfectly normal to consider your travel and experience in Turkey's other locations and desire to spend more time. You might want to think about applying for citizenship. This will help you to eliminate the re-new visas, residency and work permits. With some paper works and if you are do not encounter situations that can create negativity effects for your application for citizenship, all would be good. But how about 'how to get Turkish citizenship through marriage?'.

The transition to Turkish citizenship is a more complicated and long process than you think. The marriage of a foreign person to a Turkish citizen does not directly make that person a Turkish citizen. This condition alone is not sufficient, and the following conditions are required to be met:

1)Being married to a Turkish citizen for at least 3 years,

2)There must be order and harmony within the family union,

3)Acts contrary to marriage should not be made,

4)The person to be married should not have harmful behavior to the social and national structure of Turkey.

"If a situation such as a divorce occurs after marriage and Turkish citizenship is established, the citizenship status will not be affected."

"In the event of the death of the spouse of a Turkish citizen after his or her application for Turkish citizenship, the rule for the continuation of the marriage remains invalid."


Documents for Obtaining Turkish Citizenship Through Marriage

As in any marriage, certain rules and documents are required in the transition to Turkish citizenship through marriage. If the conditions listed below are met, the compliance of the procedures and the process will positively affect the application period:

1) Application Form,

2) 2 pieces white background biometric photos,

3) Passport,

4) Document showing the applicant's credentials (such as a birth certificate) with notarized Turkish translation,

5) Population registration documents belonging to the spouse of a Turkish citizen,

6) The latest session documents were taken in case the settlement is located in Turkey,

7) The applicant has no court record of any offense

8) Receipt of the money paid for the service fee

Application Steps to be Followed as a Result of Required Documents

After the necessary conditions are met, the application process is initiated with the complete preparation of the documents. A review of the foreign person is then initiated by the Provincial Police Department. Foreigner and Turkish citizen spouse are checked whether they live in the family unit with each other or whether they acted inappropriately on the Turkish family-social structure. Later then the documents are sent to the commission to apply for citizenship. In the end, the commission calls to interview the applicant couple. In the interview, the reality of marriage and the harmony between couples are explored in case of the marriage is real or not. If it is understood in the interview that the marriage is not real and is done for other purposes, the application is rejected.

Conditions of Marriage After Turkish Citizenship

In Turkey, there are protection laws prepared for Refugees and all marriage procedures, including for foreign nationals. According to the law, a Turkish citizen can marry an asylum seeker, a foreign national or a refugee without any problems after the necessary eligibility. All marriages conducted under the supervision of the Turkish authorities are subject to the Turkish civil law and related regulations.

Preparations Before the Marriage Stage

We have stated before that the conditions of marriage are not easy. We will now examine the necessary preparations for the couples. And the important thing is 'documents' validation time'. The documents to be prepared during the marriage period are valid for six months in the state of the Republic of Turkey. In foreign countries, within the validity period, is proportional to the time specified in the laws of that country.

And before the pre-preparation phase, separate documents are required for foreign citizens and Turkish citizens before marriage.

Required documents for Turkish citizens:

1) The identification of the Republic of Turkey,

2) The number of passport photos indicated by the marriage department referenced

3) Approved health status report issued by a family physician

Required documents for Foreigner nationals:

1) Identity or passport,

2) Visa,

3) Passport photos which were taken in the last 6 months,

4) Health report showing that the person does not pose a problem for himself or herself and for the marriage,

5) Birth certificate,

"Women who wish to use their last names must indicate their wishes during the marriage application."

Marriage Procedures

We already know how to get Turkish citizenship through marriage, and we've done all our paperwork. Now we're ready to get married. The marriages are arranged by the special officers of the municipality and the persons who are married are given international marriage certificates. Except for Turkish civil laws, the official marriage is recognized as the most legal certificate of validity. No kind of any other then this marriage is valid in Turkey. In any case, the official marriage is very important for the protection of the legal rights of women and children. But in the case of divorce, the property separation treaty to be taken from the notary should be put in the application file in case of the property separation request.

General Terms of Marriage Coverage

It states that in relation to the laws of the Turkish Civil Law, the couples must fulfill the following conditions. These are:

1) People with the mental strength of distinction are allowed to marry; people with mental illness is a problem in terms of marriage.

2) Relations between relatives and their marriages are strictly forbidden.

3) Polygamy is forbidden in Turkish civil law. If one or both people who wish to marry are still married, he or she has stipulated that their previous marriage be ended.

The Residency Requirement Rule

One of the people who are about to marry must live within the borders of the region where they apply to marry. Or the person who is residing in another region, he or she must go to the population directorate where the marriage application for residence must be made.

Here are the answers to how to get Turkish citizenship through marriage.

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