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Turkey sends medical equipment to help US fight virus

Turkey sends medical equipment to help US fight virus

The military transport aircraft, carrying medical equipment around the world, took off from Ankara this time for NATO's "superpower." Aid boxes made of masks, visors, overalls, and disinfectants caused the United States. Turkey's need to support Struggles with coronavirus rose to 55 the number of countries.

Turkey sent to England, Spain and Italy among the 54 countries medical equipment before sending to USA.

USA asked for help from Turkey

Washington when had shortage of medical supplies asked for support from Turkey. Medical materials produced in the workshops affiliated with the Ministry of National Defense were prepared. Aid boxes included 500 thousand surgical masks, 4 thousand protective clothes, 2 thousand liters of disinfectant, 500 thousand protective glasses, 500 transparent face masks and 400 n95 masks.

Materilas sent to USA with a note " To USA's people with love from Turkey". In addition to the Turkish flag and the Presidential force, Mevlana's statements said, "There are many hopes behind despair, there are many suns behind the darkness."

Kilic Turkey's Ambassador in Washington and the US State Department Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Reeker made a speech here.

Kilic, here in his speech, pointing out that ally the United States for a long time in Turkey, "We hope that this aid, risking their own lives to save the lives of others working day and night, will reduce the burden on the US healthcare professionals.".

Turkey's Covid-19 outbreak in emphasizing the world's largest is the third humanitarian aid provider Kilic, "Turkey and the close cooperation and mutual support between the United States, especially in these challenging times, I am sure that the importance of solidarity with allies and our historic ties between the two countries that once again proved. " used expressions.

Kilic, the defeat of the pandemic at the point of stating that Turkey is determined to take part alongside the US and other allies, the message written by the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the President Donald Trump has been given to the USA reeker too.

To accept the generous help from Turkey is an honor fro me.

Reeker Noting that a great honor for him to be on top in his speech, " Today where Mr. Kilic and Turkey honored us by supporting with generous help. Medical equipment from Aids, is extremely important for health professionals of USA. What we experience today the strength and unity of the NATO alliance, the US-Turkey shows that how strong our friendship and historical relations. "

Reeker emphasized that the cooperation between his allies and friends is more important than ever in the struggle of the USA with Covid-19, and that the USA cannot do everything alone, despite the aid it has given to foreign countries.

Equipment in the aid packages sent by Turkey for USA to fight Covid-19, Reeker underlined that it is vital "work with Turkey, our unity and we are committed to continuing our joint fight against the virus. We are thankful to Turkey once more for that gift, on the behalf of American people and President Donald Trump. " said.

A400M transport aircraft belonging to the Turkish Armed Forces previously carried aid to Italy, Spain, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, England and Somalia.

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