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Things To Know Before Buying A House In Trabzon

Things To Know Before Buying A House In Trabzon

Foreign investors they want to make real estate investments in Turkey. Because Turkey has a very beautiful city. They can live there if they want to. It also offers many advantages. Housing is cheap and gives you citizenship if you meet certain conditions. Trabzon is one of the cities where people want to invest. Foreign investors in Trabzon are increasing every year. This shows that real estate investment in Trabzon is a profitable business.


Why You Should Investment In Trabzon?

Why investment in Trabzon is a question that especially foreign investors wonder. Trabzon offers you many advantages. Cheap residences, natural beauty, fresh air, beautiful climate, greenery are just a few of these. There are many natural and historical places in Trabzon. These include: Sumela monastery, Trabzon Castle, Vaselon Monastery, Long Lake, Hagia Sophia Museum, Peristera Monastery, Boztepe, Cal Cave.

Compare Prices Before Buying

Buying house in Trabzon has been very popular recently. Of course, before you buy a house, you have to investigate a lot of things. To make a sensible investment, you need to do research in advance. You should search the real estate market and compare the prices offered to you.

Set Your Criteria

Starting your home search by setting your criteria will save you a great deal of stress. The places for investment are different. Places to live may be more comfortable. You must identify them.

Can You Get Citizenship?

Yes, you can get citizenship by buying a house in Trabzon. If you buy real estate worth $ 250 thousand, you can become a Turkish citizen. But you can't sell your house for three years. Turkey eases the issue of foreign law has been pulling down the previous amount.

You Must Receıve Information From Reliable People

If you are investing with help, that is, buying a house, work with reliable organizations. Don't let them give you the wrong information.

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