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Things To Check Before Applying For Citizenship In Turkey Investment  

Things To Check Before Applying For Citizenship In Turkey Investment  

The Government of Turkey established the program of citizenship in turkey investment in 2017. It is listed as one of the top ten global CBI programs in the sector of citizenship. To get along with the economic downfall of the country, the government launched this landmark proposal. The program of citizenship by investment calls for foreign investors and investments looking forward to holding Turkey's citizenship.

It is considered one of the most striking decisions of the government in the investment sector, making Turkey an attractive site for investment. Due to its new program, turkey has experienced a random evolution in the past few years. Earlier, this country was famous as a tourist destination spot. Still, with an open invitation to wealthy investors, the government now has people swarming like bees to get comfortable and hassle-free dual citizenship status in a short time. The entire process of starting life afresh in Turkey and getting the Turkish passport in your hand would only take three months.  Once your access is granted, you can travel to around 148 countries globally, including the EU, without any visa. They also have the chance to apply for the USA E-2 Visa easily.

The country:

The beautiful country, Turkey, officially called the Republic of Turkey, occupies two continents- Asia and Europe. Due to its strategic location, it is often considered by the investors to start a business there. Sharing boundaries with eight different countries, namely, Greece, Syria, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Bulgaria, Iraq, and Iran, has a population of about 80.81 million. Turkey's capital city is Ankara, while Istanbul is the largest city of Turkey, spanning across two different continents.

This Islamic state of the Middle East has excellent communication facilities. A person can quickly fly to any of the counties from the Istanbul airport. There are numerous non-stop flights for this city to 117 different countries, including the US, which covers more than 290 destinations and Turkey's 45 domestic locations.


What do you need for citizenship in Turkey Investment application?

Well, to apply for citizenship in turkey investment, you have to make a massive investment in any one of the below-mentioned criteria:

  • Investing in the sector of real estate amounting to a minimum of 250,000 USD. Also, you need to retain the property for a minimum of three years. During this time, your property cannot be listed in the record of the land registry.
  • Making a bank deposit of around 500,000 USD. Same as your immovable property, you will not be allowed to withdraw the amount from the bank for the next three years. You need to strictly maintain that account balance. Else your citizenship can get canceled.
  • Making a fixed capital investment of a minimum of $500,000 should be retained for three years. You can choose to divide the entire amount into two or more sectors, based on your preference. However, the final amount should be the same.
  • Setting up a company with personal investment and creating job options for a minimum of 0 Turkish employees. The Ministry of Labor and Social Security needs to confirm the company and the sector it will be working in.

Things to know about citizenship in Turkey Investment

Well, before you apply for citizenship in turkey investment, there are a few things which you need to know about.  The applicants should have a clean criminal record and should not pose any threat to the country's security. Apart from that, he/ she needs to be in good health and have the condition to maintain the immovable property for the next three years (minimum). In return of it, Turkey's government would serve you with excellent and free of cost medical and educational facilities with fast processing of citizenship application.

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