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The Top Reasons To Own Property In Turkey

The Top Reasons To Own Property In Turkey

Owning a second home abroad is the biggest real estate trend right now. Ever since the turn of the century, people are particularly interested in Turkey Property. The reasons being many, the real estate investors have a new horizon to explore. As the Turkish market opens up to foreign investment, potential investors from all over the world, especially Europe and Arabic nations are flocking like never before. If you are still looking for good reason for investing in worthy Turkey property, sit back and have good read. Turkey offers so much potential for the buyers, it needs some contemplation to understand the benefits of investing in property. Whether you looking forward to enhance their property portfolio, or looking for an ideal location to move in, Turkey welcomes with open arms.

The property market of Turkey lacked the shin for many years before the year 2000. It lacked any sort of modernization and diversity or innovation. The traditional Turkish properties were hardly a worthy investment for foreigners. Generations of the Turkish people living in the same building and lack of mortgage facilities, made Turkey a very closed property market. Real estate Turkey has only begun to change. However, the trend completely changed after the year 200 when Turkish government intervened to make it one of the best international real estate markets. The introduction of the Turkish nationality scheme through property changed the game completely. People looking for a second citizenship found a very brilliant choice and the property market in Turkey really took off. The banks also introduced mortgage, this also proved to be a major mile stone. There was a huge impetus to modernize the real estate sector. The legal system has also changed to felicitate easy exchange for properties. All of the has brought in positive impact in the real estate market of Turkey.  If you wany to buy apartment in Istanbul, you have valid reason for the choice.


Cheap Housing When Compared To Other Countries

Turkey is still new to the international property market. The Turkish property prices are still low as compared to other countries. It attracts foreign buyers as they have to invest less to get property in Turkey. Prices are still the most important factor driving factor for the real estate market in Turkey. Even the luxury property in Istanbul and various cities in Turkey is reasonably priced when compared to other international cities. Foreigners can invest in cheap housing in Turkey, even without bank mortgage. The Turkish nationality scheme is an added advantage.

They can get excellent value for per square property in Turkey. When you move away from the business cities in Turkey, the prices are even cheaper. Properties in cities like Antalya starts at 30.000Euros per square meter, it is a very lucrative price when compared to international destination for property investment. The property prices are fast appreciating, so investors can hope to gain significantly. If you are looking to buy apartment in Istanbul, the prices may be higher but they also promise high returns. Istanbul is the main business and tourism center, the demand for property is always higher in Istanbul.

The Diverse Portfolio Attracts Buyers

The diverse portfolio is one of the strongest forces behind growth of real estate market in Turkey. If you only limit your choice to buy apartment in Istanbul, you may be losing on the wider prospects. Foreign buyers are literally spoilt of choices for properties in Turkey. The buyers have extensive choice of budget and luxury. If you search for Turkish property, the choices are literally unlimited. Some of the most common types of properties is as follows.

  • Luxury Villas.
  • Turkish Houses.
  • The new build houses.
  • Renovation apartments.
  • Small Villas.
  • Large apartments.
  • Sea View Apartments.

The property market is extensive and diverse in Turkey. If you are searching for apartments for sale, Turkey offers many options. The trend also shifts from one city to the other. Traditionally, the buyers may only think of Istanbul but other cities have also opened up for international buyers. If you are looking to buy apartment in Turkey, you can start small from 1, 2 bed room apartments to luxury apartment. Turkish property for sale has all the modern amenities and are superlatively built.

In addition to diverse property market there are other several other reasons for popularity of Turkey as an international property destination. Some of the common reason for investors choosing Turkey are as follows: 

  • Easy Buying Process.
  • Structured Payment Terms.
  • Low Coast of Living.
  • Easy Access.
  • Various type of apartments for sale.

Buying Property- Get Answers To Your Doubts.

Q1: Is purchasing property in Turkey considered a good investment? What are the risk chances?

Ans: The vast property market in Turkey is on fast-track growth. Investors are likely to make profits if they can make investment after carefully studying the market. Prices can largely differ for apartments for sale in same or neighboring region.

Q2: Why is property so cheap in Turkey? Are there chances of price rise future?

Ans: Turkey is still in its nascent stage as an international property destination. The property prices have still not touched international standards. The multitude of property is also a big reason for low process of property. If you aim to buy apartment in Turkey, you may have it for a fair deal.

Common Questions In For Property Buyers in Turkey

Q1: Is it safe to buy property in Turkey? Are there any legal boundaries for foreign investors?

Ans: Buying Turkish property is absolutely safe for foreign investors. No laws bind foreign investors from investing in Turkey. However, investors should cross check the papers concerning the particular property they intend to purchase.

Q2: What is the property tax in Turkey? Are property tax same for foreign and the domestic investors?

Ans: The Turkish government imposes a very nominal property tax for property owners. Currently, the value for property tax 0.1 of the total value of property tax in Turkey. The property tax is same for domestic and foreign investors. The property tax is quite low as compared to other foreign investment destinations. If you want to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul, you will have to pay property tax.

Overview Of Property In Turkey

Property market in Turkey, is very versatile. Buyers are particularly intrigued by the low prices for Turkish property. They must note that there are definite reasons behind the low prices of properties in Turkey. The property market is set to grow in various dimension. If you are eyeing to expand your international property portfolio, Turkey is an extremely lucrative destination. Real estate Turkey is set to touch new heights, the early you enter the property market, the better chances of returns. Property Istanbul is sure to give you great returns.

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