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The Numerous Varied Benefits of Investment for Citizenship in Turkey

The Numerous Varied Benefits of Investment for Citizenship in Turkey

When people look to apply to a country for citizenship, their first places are the USA, UK, or somewhere in the EU. And it is a well-known fact that these applications for citizenship can take long periods of time, even years before the applicant is named a citizen of that country. But what if you could be the citizen of a country in just 3 months? Turkey opened a new program in 2016 called investment for citizenship in Turkey. It states that an applicant just has to invest $250,000 in real estate in Turkey, and then within 3 months, the applicant, along with all his/her family members, have permanent citizenship in Turkey. It is so far the fastest and the cheapest citizenship by investment protocol in the world.


But why get Investment for Citizenship in Turkey of all places?

What are the benefits of getting citizenship in Turkey specifically? Here are a few reasons why-

  • Turkey is a very safe, child-friendly country, with a sound education system and universities.
  • Turkey has good global connections with numerous countries. It has a Visa treaty with the USA called the E-2 Visa Treaty that allows for straightforward and easy Visa applications to the US, applicable only to Turkish citizens. In addition to that, Turkey is a part of the Ankara agreement with the EEC, allowing Turkish citizens to get a business visa to the UK.
  • There is a prospect in the future that Turkey will be allowed visa-free entry into the EU.
  • The Turkish passport allows the Turkish citizen many liberties on a global scale- with Visa-free entry to 77 countries, Visa-free but obtain visa at the border entry to 42 countries, and online visa to 7 countries.
  • For businesspersons, Turkey can be a very advantageous country to start a business or invest in as it has excellent relations with numerous countries and is centrally located between Europe and Asia, which makes overland travel much simpler.
  • Turkey allows for Dual citizenship; therefore, you can maintain citizenship with another country along with this citizenship.

Here are some high points of the Investment for Citizenship in Turkey

The number of plus points a person can get with Turkish citizenship is endless, especially with how hassle-free and quick this investment for citizenship in Turkey is. The total number of steps needed to complete the process can be brought down to 4 steps-

  1. Making the investment- either in real estate or a bank account or by starting a business.
  2. Then comes having to obtain the approval certificate from the authorities.
  3. Application for the residence permit comes next
  4. And finally, you will be able to apply for citizenship to Turkey.

And the time span that these steps take is around 3 months. There is no minimum residence period required, or the need to know Turkish, or even be physically present during the process.

When investing in your family's future, Turkish citizenship is a smart choice

The citizenship automatically also encompasses your spouse and your children- only if they are under 18 or are disabled. The citizenship also applies to your descendants, so this is one of the smartest investments you can make when it comes to a worthwhile investment. With this citizenship, you give your children and family a great amount of global mobility and freedom. Not to mention, with the freedom regarding visa-free entry, your children and family will find it very easy to travel to countries without having to wait for weeks or months in order to get a visa for that country.

This investment for citizenship in Turkey is a great idea if you want to broaden your global prospects or give your children a more secure future with more freedom around the world for their education or traveling. And given how relatively cheap and hassle-free this process is, it is an opportunity you need to grab as soon as possible. 

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