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What is The Advantage of Turkish Citizenship?

What is The Advantage of Turkish Citizenship?


Getting Turkish Citizenship as a Foreigner and Citizenship Application Process 

The advantage of Turkish citizenship begins with everyone older than 18 years old. Or with your wife or your children below the age of 18, without any hardship progress in applications for citizenship may make with you. Applications can be made to the governor's office in the city center individually or by a special power of attorney. Following your application and application process, your foreign citizenship number is taken as a basis. The person applying for citizenship has the right to stay abroad with the term of residence not exceeding six months. The period not exceeding six months is considered as the residency period and prevents an unfavorable situation for your application.  Official documents obtained from foreign authorities (such as diplomas, passports) are required to be approved by the Turkish translation and notary public. The citizenship application period can last up to 2 months. However, from the moment it became official, 1. degree family relatives are allowed to live on the same day.  Other than that, the process is in the right connection with good behavior. Adverse behaviors may affect the application process, acquisition, and evaluation.

Acquisition of Citizenship by Birth

The rights of foreign nationals arriving by birth are protected by laws, except in the way of official paperwork. In this case, the child born in Turkey or abroad in the framework of a formal marriage from the parents of a Turkish citizen or in an extramarital pregnancy is considered to be a Turkish citizen. A child whose birthplace is Turkey but who cannot officially obtain the citizenship of any country due to foreign family members is accepted as a Turkish citizen. All laws and rights are granted and protected to the child without discrimination.

Acquisition of Citizenship Through Ownership 

Foreigners considering real estate ownership can gain the advantage of Turkish citizens through investment. According to the Turkish citizenship law officially taken on 19.09.2018 in the Republic of Turkey, those who invest at least 250 thousand US dollars in banking can apply without problems with the decision of the Ministry board.

Acquisition by Way of Marriage

Marriage to a Turkish citizen does not give you direct Turkish citizenship. However, foreigners who remain married to a Turkish citizen for a maximum of three years and continue can apply for Turkish citizenship. Applicants must follow;

1) Order of living in the family union,
2) Failure to create a situation that would disrupt the marriage,
3) It is necessary not to act as a social and moral obstacle.

Acquisition of Citizenship in General 

One of the other ways of obtaining Turkish citizenship is stateless in his homeland, he or she must be 18 years older and can distinguish according to Turkish law. There is a requirement to live in Turkey for at least 5 years from the date of application.

As in every country, it is another consideration for them to demonstrate with individual behavior that they have decided to live and settle in Turkey. Following the rules of society, legislative, judicial, rights, such as adopting the concepts of law. As long as there is no problem with these articles, there will be no problem with the application and the fact that he or she is a Turkish citizen.

Also, some of the situations that negate the application for citizenship:
1) Not showing an intention to settle in Turkey without an illegal residence permit,
2) Persons who have applied for asylum,
3) Living in the state of the Republic of Turkey as an asylum seeker,
4) Residents in case of Education,
5) Those who reside with their children to accompany them,
6) Residents for treatment purposes.


Transportation and Passport Advantage

Another advantage of Turkish citizenship is international flexible and official passport validity and there are 4 different Turkish passports. These:

Ordinary Passport: general passport issued to Turkish citizens. Foreigner people obtain it with formal citizenship investigation program
Green Passport: given only to high-ranking government employees
Black Passport: given to persons who have served abroad as diplomats.
Grey Passport: given to journalists or working in a mass-media firm etc.

As of 2018, the Turkish passport offers visa unconditional entry to 72 countries abroad and the ability to obtain a visa at the border to 42 countries. People with type passports can enter 72 or more countries without officially requiring a visa.

Some of these countries;
As Bosnia Herzegovina, Qatar, South Africa, Thailand, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus…
Besides, 7 countries such as Oman and Australia can also be granted visas online with a Turkish passport. As a result of the partnership between Turkey and the European Union, people with Turkish citizenship will be able to travel visa-free to many European countries in the future by having a Schengen visa.

Individual Rights and Autonomy of The Person

The rights and statutes that protect the individual are the basic laws that every citizen has by birth. As with every Turkish citizen, every law, right, and Justice phenomenon is recognized without any restrictions, including those of foreign nationals, without change.

The family is the smallest part of society. It is stated in our Constitution by the phrase ‘foundation of society’. The peace and well-being of the family are protected around the law. Measures are taken to ensure the protection of mothers and children in the most comprehensive way, or necessary assistance institutions are established. With this, education and training are the biggest advantages of being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey unconditionally.

 Because the mandatory education period of eight years is mandatory for all Turkish citizens. The state of the Republic of Turkey is obliged to provide education without money to any citizens in the framework of equal education without discrimination. For those who have problems due to financial inadequacy, they are responsible for making student scholarships and necessary aids.

Why Turkey and Its Citizenship?

We discussed the process and operation of citizenship application for you, the ways of gaining citizenship, the advantages of transportation and passports, and, most importantly, family and education rights from the most important laws for you and your family. The advantage of Turkish citizenship is not only officially limited to law and rights. Learning Turkish, for understanding cultural history, for obtaining the right of the session, for educational opportunities and your future or the comfort of your family. Without any inequality, by legal means, your identity is protected by law.

Moreover, Turkey attracts the attention of many foreign investors and tourists with its geopolitical position, innovative movements in the field of Tourism and its economic development. Taking part in tourist trips in Turkey for holiday purposes, buying and selling the property for business purposes, providing individual benefits for educational purposes or most importantly creating a comfortable environment for your family are the most important reasons to have Turkish citizenship. As in all parts of the world, seeing historical and its natural beauties in Turkey is a separate reason for living in Turkey. The antiquated culture of the East, Antiquities, cultural dishes and more. It is difficult to sort them under a few titles because a country, a place, is filled with the energy of living like the person of an art rate. It is an opportunity to become a citizen, to adopt, to contribute. It offers an opportunity for you to find, see and live in the mountains, seas, houses and food like a unique beauty found all over the world.

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