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How to Get Turkish Citizenship by Investment?

How to Get Turkish Citizenship by Investment?


The Rules of Getting Turkish Citizenship 

 First, you have two choices to get citizenship in Turkey. The first one is by birth and the other is getting it afterward.

 Turkish Citizenship by Birth 

 You can get it by birth in Turkey. However, you must announce it to the civil registry department. On the other hand there are two ways of getting citizenship by birth. 

 Firstly, you can get it by lineal descent. This means, if your mother or father is a Turkish citizen, you can get citizenship. But one of your parents must be a Turkish citizen. 

 Whether you were born in the borders of the Turkish Republic; do not have parents, do not have citizenship and cannot get citizenship by the national laws, you can get the Turkish citizenship.

 Turkish Citizenship Afterwards 

 There are 3 ways to get Turkish citizenship afterward; by the decision of the authorities, by adoption and by the option of nationality. 

 The Decision of Authorities 

 In this process, you must choose the suitable option into 4 other conditions. 

  • First, you can get Turkish citizenship in a general way. Your petition for naturalization by performing certain conditions. If the authorities think that these are suitable, you can get it.
  • Second, you can get it exceptionally. This means, you don not perform all conditions but if you are an important person for a country or Turkish immigrant, you can get Turkish citizenship.
  • On the third, whether you lost your citizenship, you can get it again to perform certain conditions.
  • The final condition is getting Turkish citizenship by marriage.


A child who is adopted by a Turkish parent can get Turkish citizenship if he/she does not have any situation that affects national security and public order. Only the child must not be an adult by his/her national laws. 

 The Option of Nationality 

The people, who lost their Turkish citizenship without their intent by their parents, can get Turkish citizenship back. However, they can petition for naturalization in three years after being an adult.

By these  conditions, you can get Turkish citizenship. Now we can talk about how you can get Turkish citizenship by investment.

 Investments in Turkey 

Turkey is a developing country in the world. The geopolitical location is very important to Asia and Europe. It has two straits, and this makes it powerful about sea transportation. On the other hand, many different cultures can take their place in this country. For these reasons, you can make profitable investments. You can make your investments not only in business but also in real estate.

According to the new law of getting Turkish citizenship by investment, when you make 250.000 American Dollars (USD) of investments in business or real estate, you and your family (includes only under 18 years old child) can get Turkish citizenship exceptionally. You should search carefully to make an investment, especially for real estate. You can get advice by visiting www.propertytr.com. 

 The Procedure of Getting Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment 

First of all, you should buy a real estate that costs a minimum of 250.000 American Dollars (USD). By the way, you can spend other types of currency in which the rate must be specified by Turkish Central Bank rate.

  1. You must fill the pre-application to the office of the land registry.
  2. A date can be settled to vesting the estate in you.
  3. On that day you must prepare whole application papers.

 Also, you must be careful about there do not have a charge and a seizure on the property. 

 The Papers of Application to Real Estate Investment 

There are 8 different papers you must get for the application. Here are the details of the application documents. If you want to get more information you can visit www.propertytr.com.

  1. Certificate of title
  2. Passport or copy (with a Turkish translation)  
  3. “Emlak Rayiç Değeri Belgesi” which is taken to property’s municipality
  4. 1 photo of the seller (must be biometric)
  5. If the customer does not know Turkish, there must be a sworn translator
  6. Inevitable earthquake insurance paper
  7. 2 photos of the customer (must be a biometric white back-grounded)

If the vesting process can make by proxy, the reality of power of attorney or a conformed copy (if it is in another language the translation of Turkish)

 After all these things happened you can petition for naturalization by complete three other processes. If you have questions visit here.

 Residence Permit Request

When you want to get Turkish citizenship by investment, you must take short term residence permit. This residence permit is necessary for a petition of naturalization. For getting a residence permit you must enter the borders of Turkey. This must be done by using a visa or sometimes you can exempt of visa.

 Report of Valued Properties 

After you decide to get Turkish citizenship, you should have evaluated the property that you will  buy of 250.000 USD. For this process, you need to get help from the agencies. They have experts for evaluating properties. When they have evaluated your property, they use this day’s Central Bank Rate.

  1. Papers for Petition of Naturalization
  2. Application form
  3. Passport (translation of Turkish notarial validated)
  4. 2 photos (must be biometric)
  5. Health report
  6. Identity document (birth certificate etc.)
  7. Certificate of civil status
  8. An abstract account of payment to Finance Cash Desk

For some special status, you must collect some extra papers. For that reason, you must visit here to get more information.

 At the end of these steps, you can petition for naturalization. Nowadays,  getting Turkish citizenship by investment is the easiest way. Not only getting citizenship but also you can earn money or live in a modern country. Let’s chose a location, search for the best investment and get your Turkish citizenship.

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