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Where to Apply for Turkish Citizenship?

Where to Apply for Turkish Citizenship?

How can I become a Turkish citizen and what are the conditions for becoming a Turkish citizen? What laws and regulations should you consider when to apply for Turkish citizenship? If you are not going to buy property, what are the conditions of being a Turkish citizen under normal conditions? How many years in Turkey you are required to reside as you can access our article to answer your questions.

Turkish citizenship is generally acquired in two ways. By birth and afterwards. Let's explain the details of acquisition of Turkish citizenship: 


Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by Birth 

Turkish citizenship acquired by birth is obtained at birth. And from the moment of birth all citizenship rights are acquired. The acquisition of Turkish citizenship by birth depends on the family tree or the place of birth.

Acquiring Turkish Citizenship with Family Link

Citizenship acquired through family ties is the acquisition of the nationality of the parent or father of the Turkish citizen to whom the child is bound by family ties at birth. In order for the child to gain Turkish citizenship by lineage, only one of the parents at the time of birth is a Turkish citizen. Being a foreign mother or father or being born abroad does not prevent the child from becoming a Turkish citizen.

Exceptional Way of Applying for Turkish Citizenship

In order to apply for Turkish citizenship exceptionally, you must have an immovable or a business place. In addition, in order to be an exceptional Turkish citizen, you must meet the following requirements.

– You must purchase at least $ 250,000 worth of property in Turkey. In order to apply for Turkish citizenship, your immovable property must not be sold for 3 years. After then you can apply for Turkish citizenship

– If you invest $ 500,000 in one of the operating banks in Turkey you may apply for Turkish citizenship. You must keep the money in there for 3 years.

How to Become Turkish Citizenship

If you live in Turkey for many years and do not want to leave the country in the near future, you may want to apply for Turkish citizenship. This ensures a continuous renewal of all visas. And the best part is that Turkey is not allowed to dual citizenship, to do so you do not have citizenship preference. However, you may need to make an application in your own country.

The conditions for Turkish citizenship are clearly stated:

– You must be old enough to accept the laws of your country of birth.

– You must have lived in Turkey at least five years (up to six months after giving breaks).

– If you are married with a Turkish citizen or if you are born as foreigners in Turkey, this period will be reduced to three years.

– In addition, you should be in good health and have a clean criminal record. If you are not married to a Turkish citizen, you must prove that you can financially sustain yourself.

– If you prove that you have made an important contribution to Turkish society and culture, your chances of becoming a Turkish citizen will increase.

All nations may apply for Turkish citizenship and obtain a Turkish passport. The Regulation also applies to stateless persons with documents certifying the stateless person released by the United Nations.

Investment program, purchase of house, rent of property, commercial real estate, building or land excluding military zones minimum investment period is 3 years. Property can be sold after 3 years. Property tax and value-added tax must be paid after the purchase of the property that you have owned.

– The investor's wife and children under the age of 18 may also be eligible for applying Turkish citizenship.

– Children born after being admitted to Turkish citizenship also gain Turkish citizenship.

– Permanent residence is not required There is no need to apply together with all family members.

To speed up the procedure, the Turkish government has opened additional offices, the acquisition takes about 45-60 days, and you can earn the Turkish citizenship for a lifetime.

– As a Turkish citizen it is possible to travel to 102 countries without a visa. You can be a citizen of more than one country including Turkey citizenship. 

How to Apply for Turkish Citizenship

Once you have completed the application requirements to apply for Turkish citizenship, you must send the following documents to the local government office (usually the town hall).

– Original or photocopy of your valid passport

– 4 passport size photos

– If you are married, a copy of the first 3 pages of the marriage certificate

– Health certificate confirming your mental and physical health

– You also need proof of your Turkish language skills. They may be approved after a meeting with a Turkish government official. You will usually make an appointment with your city government office. However, these discussions are often very subjective, because the level varies depending on the demand of individual government officials. However, if you can speak fluent Turkish, speaking will not be a problem for you.

The following documents will be issued as a result of your application.

– If you are married, your marriage certificate is required, and if you are single or a widow you will need a certificate stating your marital status.

– Original of your identity or photocopy of your identity, if you are married and having children, a document showing the identity of your family members,

– If you have any relatives of Turkish citizens, Turkey and the document showing that they live on Turkish nationals,

– Proof of depositing the service fee to the Tax Office,

Your file will be sent to the Ministry after it is been complete.

If you meet the requirements described above, you can apply to The General Directorate of Population and Citizenship of the Ministry of Interior, Provincial Directorates of Population and Citizenship in your province with required documents.

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