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How to Make Turkish Passport Application?

How to Make Turkish Passport Application?

Going abroad and participating in cultural events is getting easier by the day. Bus travel, train travel, and plane travel began to be ideal for a few days of travel and holiday pleasures. So, what about an out-of-town rather than a holiday abroad without straining your budget? Rome, Paris, Italy, Balkan Countries and more…We're going to need a nice travel plan and a passport for that. What is a passport? How can I apply for a Turkish passport? What are the conditions for applying for a Turkish passport? Let's examine these as small substances.


Turkish Passport Application and More

A passport is usually a document that must be shown to police officials at the border crossings of the destination country when going abroad. Since 1867, it has been mandatory to use passports to go abroad or enter Turkey. There are 4 types of passports. These are:

1) Ordinary Passport
2) Green Passport
3) Black Passport
4) Grey Passport

It is generally said that applying for a passport can be easily ended with a few documents. but the preparation and arrangement of the necessary documents for this is an important job.

There is no requirement for an 18-year-old to apply for a Turkish passport application, which can be done personally without age discrimination. A passport appointment will be made by phone before applying for a passport, then you will have to pay the required passport fee and then you will have to go to the Directorate of The Population with the specified amount of photos and ID card. When you go to the Directorate of The Population, your biometric data is processed first and then your biometric photo and your signature is requested. In previous years, Police General Directorates were doing these operations, but as of April 2, 2018, passport applications and operations are carried out by population directorates.

What are The Necessary Documents for Turkish Passport Application?


First, the necessary documents must be prepared for the passport. Then, by taking a passport appointment via the internet or telephone and with at least 2 biometric photographs should be taken to The Population Directorate. List of required documents:

1) At least 2 biometric photographs,
2) A personal ID card (Identification card)
3) Your old passport (optional)
4) Student certificate

Biometric Photoshoot


We have learned what the documents required for a Turkish passport application and passport appointments should be made via the internet or telephone. So how do we get biometric photographs taken?

First of all, you have to go to a photo studio and tell them that you are going to take a photo to apply for a passport. It was mandated to take biometric photographs of white background fund for new passport transactions. Old-style photographs are not valid. In biometric photoshoots, you have to stand with normal posture without smiling right to the opposite side towards the camera. Biometric photographs must have been taken at least 6 months ago. Photographs that do not comply with the older ones or the above-mentioned conditions of taken pictures will not be valid. You do not need to re-photograph a biometric photo that has been registered in the population registration system for 6 months.

How to Make an Appointment for a Turkish Passport Application?


When the necessary documents are prepared for your Turkish passport application, the other event you need to do is to make an appointment for your passport application. You can make an appointment for your passport application in two ways. One of them is getting a passport appointment by phone. You need to dial the citizen interaction center by dialing number 199 via the phone. It is available on weekdays and weekends from 09:00 to 17:00.

Our second option is to get a passport appointment on the internet.  For this, you need to click this address and make online appointments. You can also make an appointment for your identity card or driver's license processing feature on this web page.

Obtain a Student Passport

Passport processing for students and getting passports is quite easy. People who have not passed the age of 25 and continue to be students can obtain a passport free of charge. Just paying the passport book price will be enough. To apply for a passport without fees, it is necessary to obtain your student certificate from the school you are studying. But it is essential that your student document has been issued within the last 60 days. Under the age of 18, the maximum 5-year passport period can be issued.


Advantages of a Green Passport

Green passport has 2 advantages. There are:

1) Being exempt from passport fees:
People who have an ordinary passport have to pay book fees and passport fees to obtain a passport. The passport fee is linked to the time taken for the passport and its price may increase. People who have a green passport are not required to make a tuition payment. There are conditions to pay the book price, such as only 108 TL. This amount may vary according to the regulations set out in the year.

2) Enter certain countries without a visa:
People with a green passport have the opportunity to enter 67 countries without a visa, which people with an ordinary passport cannot enter without a visa.

Important: You can enter the designated countries with a green passport without a visa, but your passport must be valid for a minimum of 3 months or more. Some countries, such as Bulgaria, want your green passport to be valid for at least 1 year. This may vary according to the laws of your destination country. It is very important that you pay attention to these things.

Who Can Get a Green Passport

Green passports are generally issued to civil servants or former bureaucrats. The highest ones are "1. 2. or 3." degrees and they are required to hold a senior position as a contracted officer in the rank of state staff. Highest rating "1." the lowest rating is" 13." degree. But every civil servant who has just started his business does not get "13. degrees at the first. Some of the factors that affect this are the status of people in the Line, how many years they have been studied, etc. vary according to.





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