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The best place to buy property in Turkey Istanbul

The best place to buy property in Turkey Istanbul


The best place to buy property in Turkey Istanbul


Buying and renting a condominium: This should be noted

All who buy an apartment can either live in it or rent the apartment. Renting makes sense if someone owns at least two condos and lives in one of his apartments. If the apartment seeker plans to live in the property himself, it is easy to define the search criteria for the future stay. Because the apartment must meet the taste of the potential owner and meet his demands on the infrastructure. By the way, if you look a property in Istanbul, you can easily find property for sale in Basaksehir.

The best place to buy property in Turkey Ankara


If buyers want to rent the apartment from the beginning, another approach is needed to quickly find a tenant and make a long-term profit. These include the following criteria that should be considered when buying a home:

Future tenants: Students and less wealthy singles prefer one-bedroom apartments. These apartments are usually rented quickly, but have a major tenant change. Students often move to another city after their studies, and singles seek a new home when they move in with a new partner. Apartments with more than three rooms are interesting for families. These usually stay longer in the same apartment.

The best place to buy property in Turkey Kusadasi


Good location: A good infrastructure with supermarkets, cultural institutions and companies providing jobs make a residential area attractive. A residential area with positive development prospects will be interesting for tenants in several years' time.

Condition of the property: In order to assess the general condition of the investment property, the assistance of an expert is advisable. This can determine the possible renovation costs as well as hidden contaminated sites and construction defects. Such shortcomings could entail high costs for the future owner and reduce the hoped-for profit.


The best place to buy property in Turkey Antalya

Low additional costs for tenants: Poor thermal insulation or outdated heating systems drive up the additional costs for tenants. Excessive additional costs deter many apartment seekers, because they have not only the cold rent, but also the warm rent including electricity and heating in view.

Layout of the apartment: Tenants prefer large, bright rooms instead of small or unfavorably cut rooms. If the floor plan of the favored apartment is not perfect, an appraiser can determine if the room layout can be changed with reasonable effort. It's worth it, as long as the location and price of the property are right. If you need a home in Turkey for vacation, click to property for sale in Antalya.

The best place to buy property in Turkey Alanya?

Apartment types: Which apartment suits me?

Penthouse, loft or duplex – there are many different types of apartments to buy. Which type of apartment is the right one for the future owner depends not only on personal taste but also on the financial possibilities. If the buyer has a housing type in mind, he can set this as a search criterion in the online search on propertytr.com. If you need a property for vacation in Turkey for sale, you can click to property for sale in Alanya -Turkey.
The following apartment types are available:

The best place to buy property in Turkey Bodrum?

Terraced apartment: apartment with terrace.

Loft: Condominium with generously sized area and high ceilings in former industrial and warehouse buildings.

Apartment: Small condominium, often a granny flat. This is an apartment with a separate entrance within a large family house. This type of apartment can be rented furnished for a limited time.

Flat: All condos from the first floor of a residential building.

Duplex apartment: Two-storey condominium within a multiple dwelling.

Penthouse: Detached apartment, which was put on the flat roof of a house.

Raw loft: Expansive loft in a residential building.

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