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The Amazing Benefits of Turkish Citizenship by Investment Family

The Amazing Benefits of Turkish Citizenship by Investment Family

The first citizenship by investment program had started in 1984 by the country St. Kitts and Nevis, of the Caribbean Islands. After that, the idea spread as many countries took on the idea of investors investing in their country in return for citizenship. In 2016, Turkey opened its own citizenship by investment, which is the fastest way to gain a Turkish citizenship so far, as it requires no minimum period of residency or a long waiting period. If you invest in property in Turkey for a minimum of $250,000 plus taxes, you are eligible for citizenship in Turkey. The only condition being that the property must be invested in for a total of 3 years. Due to the ease and low cost of this citizenship by investment program, it might be very smart if you get a Turkish citizenship for you and your family with turkish citizenship by investment family.


How is the Turkish citizenship by investment family beneficial to my family?

Here’s how the newest citizenship by investment program on the market is beneficial to you and your family –

  1. Because the Turkish Citizenship by Investment program needs no minimum years of residence or requirement to learn Turkish, turkish citizenship by investment family does not require your children do not need to interrupt their education or training for this citizenship to be valid.
  2. Turkey has an excellent visa treaty with USA called the E-2 Visa program which makes applying for a visa to the States very simple and hassle free, and will be a great way to ensure ease of your children getting into top USA universities.
  3. The Turkish citizenship by investment program is applicable to both the applicant and the applicant’s family, those who are still dependents. So, no separate investments are required for spouses or other family members.
  4. Turkey is still in talks with EU but there is a big possibility for the Turkish citizenship to allow for visa-free travel to the EU in the future.
  5. Turkey's passport allows for visa-free travel to 114 countries, including Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and the Caribbean, making for easy travelling with your family.

How good is Turkey if you take Turkish citizenship by investment family?

In addition to all this,

  • Turkey is a very safe place for your children as the Turks are very family-oriented people and will lovingly take you and your children into their culture and way of life.
  • Healthcare is decent there, with at least one public hospital in each of the 81 cities and numerous private hospitals, but with good quality doctors and staff in both.
  • Turkey has good education as it is cheaper to live in than the EU but its universities are at par with those of the EU. And with citizenship, the costs are even lower.
  • In the case of a severe political turmoil in your own home country, Turkey is a good option to retreat to as it has good global connections with various countries (as is evidenced by the number of countries that allow visa-free travel with a Turkish passport).
  •  With good business and political relations with many of the world’s first world countries, the Turkish passport that you obtain through Turkish citizenship by investment family could get you into various places quickly with a lot less hassle.

What are the requirements of applying for citizenship by investment in Turkey?

All you need to do is apply by investing in property for a minimum of $250,000. In 3 months, the citizenship process will be complete. This citizenship is applicable to your spouse, all children below 18 years, and disabled children of all ages. This citizenship is transferable, so your descendants are also citizens of Turkey. Turkey allows for dual citizenship, thereby allowing you to keep the citizenship of your home country (provided that it allows for dual citizenship). And to top it all, in the turkish citizenship by investment family there will be an option to resell the property you invested in after 3 years, so you could get your money back. Turkey is a great country with lots of potential, whether you want to settle there or use the global connections it provides.

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