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Summer Holiday Houses in Turkey

Summer Holiday Houses in Turkey

                Ideas for Getting a Cottage
          Where you can have unlimited sea and enjoy the sunshine, the summer residence of the most beautiful towns and considered to invest in Turkey will be summer, are the most vivid point of tourism. From the Black Sea to the Aegean, from Marmara to the Mediterranean, there are dozens of cities and hundreds of summer areas. There are many alternatives to summer in Turkey. Some of these alternatives do not meet the expectations of the location, some of them are very expensive, but it is also possible to find summer houses with reasonable prices and a nice location. International real estate investors come to Turkey and prefer to live or invest in Turkey. To spend your holiday and travel with tremendous comfort, the list of the most beautiful resorts to the landscape:

                    Gokceada for Peace Seekers

           Gokceada, which is a district of Canakkale, is the address of those who seek peace. You can find cottages at an affordable price in the villages both on the beach and inland. Because the island is not too big, the summer cottage will definitely be near the sea. If you love night life and do not want to miss the coastal activities in the coastal areas of a cottage you should prefer.

                       More Affordable than Fethiye Peers

            It is one of the districts of Mugla with its seashore. Deep blue sea, green nature and live entertainment venues are frequented by local and foreign tourists. Compared to other leading holiday regions of Turkey to the cottage you will find more affordable price. You will use your private car for transportation.

                     Alanya is Still Expensive 

             It is one of Turkey's most popular holiday attractions. Activities for any kind of entertainment can be found. Although real estate and real estate prices are generally expensive, you can find cottages in the remaining parts of Alanya at an affordable price. These cottages are in the heart of both the sea and green nature. Property for sale in Alanya develops year by year. Also, it can be recommended for luxury home enthusiasts.                         

                   Kazdagları is a good Fresh Oxygen

             Akçay, which is connected to Edremit district of Balıkesir, is a holiday resort where there are many opportunities for young people and those who want to spend their retirement in peace. In recent years, as well as the rising popularity of Balıkesir, which is one of the rare coastal areas of the coast, Akcay's summer resorts are generally expensive. However, you can find cottages at an affordable price in areas close to the sea and inland. Akcay is one of the areas in which local holidaymakers have been most oriented in recent years. The cottages to be bought here can also become an important commercial investment in the future.

                        Kumluca Attractions

             It is a district where summer prices are low compared to Antalya standards because it is not influenced by tourists. The coastline of Kumluca is small but can be preferred due to its proximity to popular holiday destinations such as Adrasan, Gelidonya Lighthouse, Korsan Koy and Mavikent.

                       Space of Longoses Kırklareli-Igneada

                 It is located on the coast of İğneada, Thrace and the Black Sea with its magnificent 22 km. İğneada, which is a part of Demirköy district of Kırklareli, is one of the popular discovery points of domestic and foreign tourists. Europe's largest longoz forest, İğneada. Longoz forest tours are one of the newest trends with the most wonderful shades of blue and green, comfortable with its population and density. Apartment or house prices in Turkey is very reasonable , tremendous views of the Strandja Mountains, the cottage is an attractive area of the coast and bays. For the most special summer areas of İğneada, which make fast entry to the list of the most beautiful resorts in the summer, visit the nearest time. 

                         Aydın is One ofthe Oldest Resorts in Kusadasi

            Turkey is one of the most established resorts. Kusadası, where European tourists have been holidaying for many years and is located in summer resorts, is very popular in every period. With its magnificent sea, golden sand, spacious city structure and popular holiday culture, summer house is among the most beautiful places to be taken. Options are available for each budget. Bodrum, Kusadasi and Cesme is located near the district of Selcuk, Turkey has the largest port. In the summer, the population of the region reaches 2 million and is one of the most popular areas of the country.

                          Ayvalık with 22 Islands

             Located on the Aegean coast of the Marmara Region, Ayvalık is one of the most popular resorts of holiday tourism. The interest of local and foreign tourists is one of the most special places to buy summer cottage with its magnificent nature. There are a lot of luxury house which you can buy. The 22 islands of different sizes, plenty of oxygen and a view of a thousand thousand tons of green, with many other seas of the Aegean, must be evaluated. Ayvalik, which offers nezih, relax life and entertainment, is one of the most special summer areas of the year.

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