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Required Documentaries for Turkish Passport

Required Documentaries for Turkish Passport

Even though there are countries where visa applications for Turkish citizens are abolished during transitions between countries, passport application continues. In certain countries, with the Republic of Turkey identity card inputs and outputs can be made. One of them is the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Besides, Georgia, and Ukraine as of June 2017 are included in this list. But the passport is required when entering and leaving other countries.

This practice was implemented later than 1 April 2010. As of the members with a machine-readable passport if they start to give Turkey the country in accordance with ICAO regulations. These passports are e-passports, also known as 'chip passports', 'biometric passports' or 'electronic passports'. The new system e-passports are both highly secure and allow faster passage of the nerve gates.

E-passports for persons under the age of 18, as of the application date maximum of 5 years; 18 is granted for persons older than 10 years old. Currently, there are 4 types of e-passports that are accepted and accepted around the world. Bordeaux Passport; navy passport Green passport; private passport. Gray Passport; service passport. Black Passport; diplomatic passport, type of passport formerly known as red passport.

Documents Required for Turkish Passport

Documents required for Turkish passport are as follows; we can list the steps that you will follow in order to issue an e-passport in Bordeaux:

  1. Make an appointment with the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship      Affairs.
  2. Collecting required documents for the passport.
  3. Completing your application on the date and time you have made an appointment.

• The original receipt is required to show that the passport wallet value has been deposited at the contracted banks or financial cashiers. The receipt must be in the name of the person who will apply for the passport, that is, the name and surname of the person on the receipt. In addition, it is necessary to have the 'Collected' stamp printed on the receipt and to have the wet signature of the collecting officer on the receipt. Receipts must include your TC ID number, name, and surname.

• The receipt showing that the passport fee is deposited at the contracted banks or financial cashiers must be the original. The passport must be the name of the person who will issue the passport in the passport mortar note, just like the note on the booklet. The receipt must be stamped with the 'Collected' or 'Paid' stamp and the signature of the officer making the collection must have a wet signature. Burgundy passports; at least 6 months, 1-year, 2-year, 3-year, 4-year, 5-year and 10-year, and the fees are deducted according to these periods. Note: The receipts must include your TC ID number, name and surname. It is important to deposit your tuition in accordance with your passport period, as it cannot be changed later.

• You need 2 biometric photos for your passport. The photo should be taken that the face from the front is clearly visible. There should be no hair, hats or hairclips to prevent the face from appearing in the photograph. Biometric pictures can be taken in the photo studio. The photos have been taken in the last 6 months and the application should show the current owner of the passport. This includes newborn zero children. Photo sizes should be 50mm X 60mm, white background and biometric.

• The original documents are delivered to the directorate of the population, while the Republic of Turkey birth certificate must be sure to take with you, and shall be submitted to the authorities.

• According to the Passport Law No. 5682, applicants must be present at the time of application as passport applications must be made in person. Important Information: The passport holder must be present personally in all passport applications, including the newborns.

• Your e-passport will be sent directly to the address you have stated in the application via PTT Cargo. The e-passport is delivered to the applicant or to the person whom you mentioned before so that he can receive it at the time of application. In case the contact person or you cannot be reached twice at the specified address, your e-passport is kept in the mail center to be received for a period of time. Passport shipments that are not received within 7 days from the mail center are sent to the passport unit you applied for to be kept until they are received by you. After receiving your passport; you can also take a look at our Schengen Visa Documents.

These documents must be submitted for documentaries for Turkish passport.

In order for foreigners to become Turkish citizens, there are types of citizens called exceptional citizenship and so-called acquisition. Exceptional naturalization investment we call citizenship type Turkey Abroad in will be the person or Turkey represents a citizenship those issued to people who have done A if the won the general citizenship 250.000 in taking a work permit for five years Foreigners residing in Turkey than $ home buying taking music from space aliens or residence permit because Turkish citizens and eV without taking permission granted citizenship to foreigners because the remaining three years of residence in Turkey. If you have the option of becoming a Turkish citizen and have the idea of settling in this country, you can visit www.propertytr.com for properties in the most beautiful corners of my country.

Documents Required For Getting a Turkish Passport 

Maroon Passport (Public passport) Required Documents for Application:

Public passports are defined as maroon passports. Citizens and K.K.T.C. is the type of passport that citizens will receive. In general, this is the type of passport that anyone can get.

  • Identity Certificate: Identity Card, T.C. Identity Card or Temporary Identity Document
  • Passport Mortar Receipt and passport wallet price receipt
  • 2 biometric photos
  • Student certificate for passport-free passports (For passport-free passports)
  • Consent document for non-adolescents or for persons with limited capacity,
  • Old passport for those who already have a passport


2019 Passport Fees

Passport fees are charged depending on the duration. There are different tariffs for at least 6 months, 4 years and over.

  • For 6 Months: Fee 170,00 TL + Book Fee 133,50 TL = TOTAL 303,50 TL
  • For 1 Year Period: Fee 248,40 TL + Book Fee 133,50 TL = TOTAL 381,90 TL
  • For 2 Years: Fee 405,50 TL + Book Fee 133,50 TL = TOTAL 539 TL
  • For 3 Years: Fee 575,90 TL + Book Fee 133,50 TL = TOTAL 709,40 TL
  • For 4+ Years: Fee 811,60 TL + Book Fee 133,50 TL = TOTAL 945,10 TL
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