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What should I do to get Turkish citizenship?

2 February 2020
What should I do to get Turkish citizenship?

Turkey is a beautiful country with different aspects. It is a country which is a bridge between Asia and Europe, but it is also much more. Turkey has always drawn the attention of foreigners because of the natural, cultural and historical tourism opportunities. In cities like Antalya, Mugla or Izmir you can have a beautiful beach house or in cities like Istanbul, Ankara, and Konya you can have houses close to the historical sites. But any of these cities are much more than just a city of history or just a touristic place. With the cities mentioned among many others like Bursa, you can make great investments and/or business deals. And some of them can even obtain you Turkish citizenship. Those mentioned are usually much easier for getting Turkish citizenship than trying to have citizenship with a residence permit or than the marriage with a Turkish spouse. Because those will take a longer time and much more effort.

Like said, there are multiple ways to obtain Turkish citizenship. Some of them require a longer time and some of them require a certain amount of money. Also, one of them will make your family Turkish citizens as well as you. So, if you want citizenship that won't take a long time for you and your family, this will be the best choice.
Wanting to get Turkish citizenship is a very natural reaction after a quick trip to Turkey. Because Turkish people has access to free health care plans, free education, old age pension and much more. Considering how expensive education is in other countries like The United States of America, it is a very understandable solution.
Here are the ways you can get Turkish citizenship, after reading this you can make your decision about which is the most eligible for you.

1. Through Marriage

It is mostly considered the best option by others because it does not require any money but this option has its own difficulties. If you are not actually a boyfriend or a girlfriend to someone who happens to be Turkish and you just want to obtain Turkish citizenship with the easy way, there is a high possibility of you getting caught and being deported.
Even after you get married and stay married for three years there is a possibility for you not being able to get Turkish citizenship because they will interview you about your Turkish language skills and if the officer thinks that you are not speaking enough Turkish to sustain your life on your own, your application can be rejected. The hardness level has depended on the officer who interviews you.
After your three years of marriage, if you are not a threat to the national security and/or the public order, if you have had lived in unity with your husband or wife during your marriage, if you didn't do anything to risk your marriage and if you can speak enough Turkish, you can get your Turkish citizenship.

2. Through Residence Permit

If you are an adult who has been living in Turkey for the last five years (of which six months should be without any interruptions) with a residence permit. And if you do not have any physical and/or mental health problems, you will prove these with a medical report, and also if you do not have any criminal record, and you can speak a basic level of Turkish, you can apply to become a Turkish citizen. You will also have to prove that you can support yourself while you live in Turkey and you should not have had any kind of social support from the Turkish Government.

3. Through Investment And Business

According to the Turkish Government if you have found, buy or be a partner of a 500.000$ worth of capital you can get Turkish citizenship. Just in the last year around a thousand investors made over a billion dollars of profit from their investment in Turkey. Becoming one of them is easy. This is not the only option for you as well. If you provide employment to at least fifty people you can obtain Turkish citizenship or if you deposit 500.000$ to a Turkish bank with the promise of not withdrawing it for at least three years, you can be a Turkish citizen.

4. For You And Your Family

If you have a family and you all want to become Turkish citizens, this option is probably the easiest and the most eligible one for you. Because if you buy a house for at least 250.000$, you and your first-degree relatives can immediately become Turkish citizens. The price of the house used to be 1.000.000 dollars but it got decreased.
This way, you wouldn't have to wait for 3 to 5 years. Where you buy the house is not important, you can buy it in Istanbul which is the heart of Turkey or you can buy it in Ankara for a fast connection to business life.

5. The Process

The process of application changes from option to option. If you are not in a hurry and you can wait for three to five years to apply for citizenship. But like said, easiest and the fastest ones will be through investment and/or business opportunities and buying a house. If you are searching for a house or an investment you can look at www.propertytr.com to have an idea about the prices and places.

6. After Your Approval

After the approval of your application, you will have every right any other Turkish citizen has. This includes the right to vote and to be elected, access to free education and free health care and entering to Turkey without a visa. Also, you can buy a car and be excluded from the customs duties. There are many benefits of Turkish citizenship.

As explained in the article, there are many ways to get Turkish citizenship what you are going to choose is your decision.


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