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Property Buying Amidst COVID-19: Why Is This The Best Time?

Property Buying Amidst COVID-19: Why Is This The Best Time?

Based on the fact that there are some locations in Bodrum at Turkey's southwest that are really worth investing your money, we have picked up ten such areas that are really suitable for living and offer plentiful return on investment. Bodrum has become one of the cities where developments have started happening in a full swing. There are areas where affordable housing projects in bodrum are quite in number here we can suggest you one of best and ready to buy property for sale in bodrum. With the expansion of Metro line and the construction of Peripheral ring road, the city is attracting a huge number of investors and house seekers from across the country.

We are one of the most reputed real estate developers and pioneers in delivering projects embarked on technology and innovation to make them the right fit for the digital world. Every project that we deliver is up to the mark and surpasses the existing approach and structures be it Parks, Malls, Commercial Parks, Group Housing, or Farm Estates.

This IT hub in bodrum has steadily attracted big global companies and corporate tycoons to look for office spaces across the city. In the peripheral districts of bodrum, there are quite a number of land parcels that are put to use for constructing townships with affordable housing. Due to the low land cost in the outskirts of the city, developers are finding it very viable to acquire lands and commencing constructions. Moreover, the demand from people employed in engineering and automotive industries is a driving force for builders to come up with affordable housing units just ring to buy property for sale in bodrum. We believe that the secret to our achievements is in giving our customers what they desire, and our belief in the implementation of up-to-the-minute techniques and resources in our operations.

The aftermath of COVID-19 has made many realize the importance of property ownership. Besides first time homeowners, people have also learned the importance of owning real estate property in their investment basket. While the under-construction properties hit a pause, ready to move in apartments and property for sale in bodrum, maintained a positive demand from potential buyers during the lockdown.  A recent report property for sale in bodrum revealed that 60% of Turkey homebuyers, keen on purchasing a property pre-pandemic, are still interested in doing so, while 40% have postponed their plans.

Having said that, you would have found yourself asking these questions: is now a good time to buy a property, and will the rates decreases? Therefore, this blog will walk you through the reasons why this is the best time of year to buy a house or a property.


So, let’s get to the heart of the matter:


  • Realizing the significance of owning a property post-lockdown proved to be an encouraging sentiment for first-time buyers. 
  • While some residents recognized the need to upgrade their homes, others looked to buy their first one.
  • Having a home is a tangible asset and a secure investment option, making it a valuable addition to your investment portfolio.
  • Furthermore, experts believe that investing in real estate is a good way to generate income and relish capital appreciation. The instability of the stock market has made investors find other reliable options for investing, and that’s when real-estate tops the list.
  1.  Repo Rates
  • Financial authority’s recent slash in repo rates has made property loans attractive, encouraging many potential homeowners to make the right decision. 
  • In May, Financial authority slashed the repo rate by 40 basis points (bps), currently standing at four percent. The interest rates are sitting at their lowest after a very long time, hence, this is considered the best time of year to buy a house if you’re considering a home loan.
  • Additionally, financial authority decided to extend the loan moratorium facility by three more months enabling homebuyers to manage their finances in these unprecedented times and fulfill their dreams of owning a home. Now you can buy the property for sale in bodrum at very affordable price.
  • If you’ve already done your due diligence, it will be easier for you to finalize the purchase decision. If not, you can contact your local real estate professional and enquire about the present rates and the best location to purchase a home. Whether you’re buying a home for the end-use or investing, this is the right to make that choice.

Rise in Price in the Future

  • As we discussed, properties under construction were held at a standstill. However, it’s not long before the lockdown lifts and the construction will begin at full swing.
  • This will heighten the demand and outweigh the supply in the next quarters, leading to an increase in real-estate costs. Therefore, if you invest now, you will likely see an appreciation shortly. The increase in costs is anticipated, hence, the right time to buy a home.
  • Real-estate has been a lucrative investment option, and the points mentioned above, affirm that this is the right time to buy home, a decision you may have been keeping at bay for years.
  • However, it’s imperative that you contact a real estate professional to enquire about the latest rates, procedures, and more.

Going Forward

As we’ve seen, investment in a home is encouraging at the moment, given the lowered interest rates, the potential of high prices in the future, and owning an asset. This, in turn, has helped us in creating cost-effective, state-of-the-art construction solutions, which stress on modern architecture and quality workmanship.

Plan for a great investment!

Bodrum today has grown as one of the best real estate destinations in Turkey with its exceptional developments. The city is bringing new opportunities with its sky-touching projects. Here we are today stands tall in the list of the best real estate builders in Bodrum by delivering eminent living spaces at strategic locations.

Top Builders in Bodrum!

There are a huge number of options for a buyer who is planning to invest in Bodrum's real estate. Looking out for reliable and reputed builders in Bodrum is a hefty job in itself. Today, we are recognized in the list of the reputed builders and developers in Bodrum fulfilling the dreams of many while delivering quality real estate experience.

Bodrum is a significant location for real estate and undoubtedly, a remarkable option for people who wish to invest in their dream abode. Bodrum has grabbed real estate attention by offering safe and secure environments for living with good connectivity to prominent places like educational centres, hospitals, etc. Bodrum also has paved its way towards having a better future by delivering the best premium luxury living possible. Bodrum today has taken over the hearts of many buyers by providing spacious well-crafted projects with perfection.

Therefore, wait no longer to inquire about your dream home. If you’re considering a home purchase property for sale in bodrum, contact our realtors at bodrum. We will guide you through the buying process, bringing you one step closer to purchasing your dream home! If you are searching for property in Bodrum and you need to know about the top builders in Bodrum then you can reach us soon.

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