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New Level of Housing Has Started with Tema Istanbul Bahce Project

New Level of Housing Has Started with Tema Istanbul Bahce Project

With its modern and green environment, Atakent district gives Istanbul a new look. After its first award-winning project, Tema Istanbul project brings the combination of nature and urbanizing together with its second phase of the project.

What is Going to be in Tema Istanbul Bahce Project

The main objective for the Tema Istanbul Bahce Project was to make a comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable site of living, this objective has achieved mostly by having a huge amount of nature in the area. There are 10 apartment buildings in the project and the highest building has 11 floors. Tema Istanbul Bahce Project is designed to have 2 or 3 apartments on each floor. The project is offering you alternative housing types from 1+1 (one bedroom and one living room) to 4+1 (4 bedrooms 1 living room) with 363 apartments in total. The sizes of the housings in the project range from 79-meter squares to 216-meter squares. The 95% of the housings in Tema Istanbul Bahce Project have the view of nature and greenfield which will give you the peace you are looking for.

Other than the apartment buildings, Tema Istanbul Bahce Project also includes; indoor, outdoor and children swimming pools, sauna, fitness center, volleyball and basketball fields, tennis court, indoor and outdoor parking lots, terrace for sunbathing, security cameras and security.

One of the best things about the project is that Bahcesehir College is founding another campus in the area of the project and there will be a kindergarten, primary school and high school inside the campus.

Where is Tema Istanbul Bahce Project

The project’s name comes from its proximity to Tema Istanbul. The location of the area is also neighbor to the Tema World, which is expected to be the largest amusement park in Istanbul. Tema Istanbul Bahce Project is held in the European side of Istanbul in Atakent district. The exact location of the project is; Atakent Mah. Yan Yol Cad. No:33/1 Halkalı / Küçükçekmece / İstanbul.

Prices and The Companies in Charge of the Project

The 45.2% of the apartments are already sold and the prices for the housings start from 562.000 tl. You can reach the sales office by calling the number +90 0212 970 00 00. The project is being carried by the companies; Artas Insaat, Mesa Mesken Sanayii A.S., Oztas-Kantur-Akdas.

How to Become a Turkish Citizen?

In order to become a Turkish citizen, non-Turkish individuals must full one or some of those requirements;

  • Being an adult with respect to their country’s laws. If the person does not belong to any country, Turkey’s laws.
  • Residence in Turkey at least five years. (2 years if the person has Turkish origin.)
  • Buying immovable property in Turkey, doing investments in Turkey, founding a business in Turkey or marrying a Turkish citizen.
  • Not having any hazardous diseases. 
  • Not having any criminal records.
  • Being capable of speaking Turkish. (Advanced level is not required.)
  • Having enough level of income to be able to take care of the people that he or she is responsible for.


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