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Investing in Antalya: Taxes, Fees, Regulations in 3 Steps

Investing in Antalya: Taxes, Fees, Regulations in 3 Steps

Antalya real estate market is really big and there is something for everyone in there. If you are looking for Antalya property for sale, there are many options for you. 

Investing in Antalya is a really logical thing to do especially if you are looking for quick profits because according to the research firms Antalya is one of the twenty cities in the world that grows in a particular and consistent speed.

The purchase of a property can be done in just a few days in Turkey.
Here is everything you need to know;


1. Fees

Prices of properties in Antalya usually changes from neighborhood to neighborhood, but it is generally cheaper than Istanbul. Prices can start from 50.000$ and go up to millions. The reason behind this may vary because of many things. If there is a private pool or a garage or multiple bedrooms, of course, the price will be higher. But there is an investment for everyone, whether you are looking for something to begin your investment journey or you have been knowing what is good and what is bad.
Property in Alanya is usually cheaper than Antalya but this does not mean that it's not gonna be a good investment. Two cities are really close to each other and Alanya has the same opportunities.

2. Taxes

Turkish tax legislation marks three different types of taxes.  Income taxes, Taxes on Expenditure, Taxes on Wealth.
Income taxes are the ones you should know about. Because income from your immovable property which also known as rental income, is under this type and also this type is the one you are going to pay the highest amount. If you also have an income from movable property, you should know this.
There are two main types of taxes which are resident taxpayers and non-resident taxpayers. If you are living in Turkey for more than six months a year, you will be classified as a resident taxpayer and your income will be calculated with your earning from in and outside of Turkey. But if you don't live in Turkey for more than six months your income will be calculated from just the earnings you made in Turkey.

3. Regulations

According to the law, any foreigner has the right to invest in Turkey and they will be treated as domestic investors.
With these laws and incentives which the Turkish Government itself provides, the private sector has been developed much faster and much greater than before. Investments are very for the investors and also really helpful to the government.

Antalya is a great place for investors because it has amazing places for tourists to be interested in. Which it creates a very high demand for houses and hotels. Also, continued attention causes new job and business opportunities. Antalya has a very vivid market for any kind of business you'll need.

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