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8 Things You Should Know Before Investing A Property in Turkey

8 Things You Should Know Before Investing A Property in Turkey

No matter if you are going to buy a house or invest you should always search for the best opportunities. But there are things you should know before you decide on anything.


1. Where to Search?

If you are unavailable to come to Turkey to search with your own eyes, then we will suggest you do an online search. Not only on international websites but also on Turkish real estate websites too. So that you will know the actual market prices before you purchase anything.

2. What to Buy?

Think in detail. Do you want to do investment or do you want to live in Turkey? Or you could just want to be a Turkish Citizen. You should make your property researches according to your conclusion. If you want to make an estate investment in Turkey, Istanbul and Antalya are probably the best options for you, but if you want to live in Turkey you can choose the city you want depending on what kind of environment you prefer. If you want to be surrounded by young people you may choose Eskişehir, if you want to be surrounded by history you may prefer Ankara etc.

3. Do Not Be Closed Minded

You may have an idea of the perfect place on your mind, like a flat with three rooms and two bathrooms, etc. But if your wishes do not come true don't give up on your dreams. You can change the house you bought or you can find a house that you like even more. If you refuse to see anywhere other than your 'perfect' match, your property hunting experience might be disappointing.

4. Ask for Advice from a Professional

Searching for an investment or a dream house in a country that you are not familiar with, can be very hard. Asking for advice on buying property in Turkey from a local professional can actually change your whole search. You can find the most suitable property for you in a much shorter time than when you search on your own.

5. Always Negotiate


Turkish people love negotiation. You should always negotiate before you shake hands no matter how much is the price you were given.

6. Location Is Important

If you really love a place go around a couple of streets before deciding for sure. Seeing the environment and streets around will give you an idea about how things work around there. If there is a subway or a grocery store near your property this means your investment will be profitable.

7. Hire a Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent should be a professional with different capabilities.
If you are going to make an estate investing you should let the real estate agent handle the renting process. They will charge you but it well worth it. Because with this way you won't have to search for a renter and you won't deal with the legal documents.

8. Become a Citizen

If you own a house deed which is called “tapu” in Turkey this means you can become a citizen.

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