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How To Profit Most By Getting Turkish Passport Via Investment

How To Profit Most By Getting Turkish Passport Via Investment

Want live in Turkey? Frankly, who wouldn’t? The beautiful oceanic view and climate plus the vast business opportunities is enough to make anyone restart their lives here. And it is fairly easy to get Turkish passport via investment, which is the reason why people easily turn from tourist to citizen here quite often.

But it is easier said than done. Especially, if you haven’t been to Turkey before. Granted, there are so many real estate agents here to show you around. But without proper research and market knowledge, you can easily get defrauded. And to avoid that, make sure to follow these steps…


Get Turkish passport via investment by researching

As said above, doing research is an essential step before buying a property. Specially in abroad. Start researching on the properties and make a prompt list. Then you should start talking to different real estate agents. You won’t have to make deal upon just talking with them. You can ask their order and then compare the prices with other offers. This way you can vet the best possible price on a great property.

Go through thorough inspection for Turkish passport via investment

Never close the deal only by talking over the phone. You need to make an appointment with the agent to go for an inspection of the property. You can also hire an experienced home inspector. They will thoroughly inspect the property and if they can find any damages, you can use that as a leverage to lessen the price. Plus, you can save money on future repairing expenses.

Learn about the neighbourhood

The neighbourhood will be a big part of your life. So, it is ideal to learn all the details about it before moving in. See if all the public accommodation is available near your area such as transportation, school, park, malls etc. Also try to know, if the area is safe, any criminal activity has taken place here or not. A vital step to live safely in Turkey with Turkish passport via investment.

You can also try and get the property in a reputed area. There are so many high-end areas in Turkey, which rises in value from time to time. If you manage to get an apartment in one of those places, you can easily sell it at a much higher price.

Reserve the property upon selection

After fixing the price, you need to reserve the property as soon as possible. For reservation, you will need to pay 30% of the price beforehand. One thing you must know that, the reservation deposit won’t be returned if you decide not to buy the property. But upon a good understanding, the seller can reciprocate with you about the amount. So, you need to be sure before making any decisions.

Get a lawyer for the legal tasks

Even though, the process of property buying fairly easy in Turkey but you can never be to safe when there’s law involved. Hire a lawyer to check the paper work properly. They can find out if there are any loopholes in the contract, to save you from legal troubles.

The whole process of reserving and buying takes only weeks. And after that, you can become Turkish legally and get the Turkish passport via investment. There many advantages of having a Turkish passport as well. For example, you can travel without visa in 77 countries along with border entry in 7 countries. So, apart from the luxury of living there, you can also enjoy hassle-free traveling throughout the world. The exotic world of Turkey is waiting for your arrival.

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