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How to Obtain Turkish Citizenship?

How to Obtain Turkish Citizenship?

Some things to know about the concept of citizenship:

·         Each state has the right to decide in accordance with the law which persons or nationals may be citizens of their own.

·         People cannot be left stateless. The statelessness of the person to be deprived of his citizenship is an obstacle to depriving him of citizenship.

·         A person cannot be arbitrarily removed from his or her acquired citizenship.

·         Citizenship cannot be imposed on the person and the person's request to withdraw from citizenship cannot be arbitrarily prevented by the state.

·         Citizens cannot be prevented from entering the country and cannot be deported for any reason.

·         In the case of dual citizenship or multi-citizenship, the person cannot claim the citizenship of the other country against the country of citizenship.

·         Citizens can not be returned to another country.

The answer to the question of how to obtain Turkish citizenship can be given in several ways.

One of these means is to obtain Turkish citizenship by means of a decision of the competent authority, adoption or exercise of the right to vote.

The process through the competent authority proceeds in several ways.

1.      Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by General Way

The general way for the admission of foreigners to Turkish citizenship is the citizenship acquired by the foreigner, who fulfills the requirements, by requesting citizenship through application and the state accepts this request. A foreigner who wishes to become a Turkish citizen can acquire Turkish citizenship by the decision of the competent authority if he/she meets the necessary conditions.

In order for foreigners to gain Turkish citizenship: Have the power to reach and distinguish under national law and Turkish law if stateless, The application deadline continuous backward from five years to reside in Turkey (Turkish for noblemen resident for two years.) It must demonstrate the behavior that decided to settle in Turkey.

The person applying for citizenship behaviors indicating that decided to settle in Turkey: Turkey to buy immovable property, make investments, establish a business in Turkey or work over a job, a marriage with a Turkish citizen, are concrete behaviors revealed his intention to settle in Turkey as a family to apply to acquire Turkish citizenship. In this context, education, tourist or temporary business travel and apply for citizenship of the person residing in Turkey for temporary purposes such as the treatment can not be accepted. You can visit http://www.propertytr.com/ for alternatives about gastronomy cities, summer, and winter tourism and many other options.

2.      Exceptional Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship: Foreigners with certain characteristics have the opportunity to receive Turkish citizenship in exceptional ways, even if they do not have the general requirements for naturalization. Foreigners who can gain Turkish citizenship through exceptional citizenship:

·         Turkey in industrial plants or establishing a scientific, technological, economic, social, sporting, cultural and artistic area of outstanding service in the past or now who will be considered and reasoned proposals made in the ministries rights.

·         The necessity of international relations and the interests of our country or for any reason by the Council of Ministers considered necessary to acquire Turkish citizenship

·         Those accepted as immigrants under the Settlement Law.

·         According to the Settlement Law immigrants and the descendants of Turkish and Turkish culture is connected to a stand-alone or en masse come to Turkey in order to settle refers to people who are considered as migrants in accordance with the Settlement Act. The Council of Ministers decides who belongs to the Turkish noble and Turkish culture. Balkan immigrants have been admitted to Turkish citizenship accordingly.

·         Persons applying for exceptional citizenship should not be in a position to interfere with national security and public order.

·         Exceptional citizenship is granted by the proposal of the Ministry of Interior and the decision of the Council of Ministers regardless of other conditions.

3.      Restoring Turkish Citizenship

a.       Regaining Turkish Citizenship Without a Residence Requirement

Provided that the following conditions are specified person will not preclude a state of national security in terms of residency requirement in Turkey without seeking Turkish citizenship can be regained with the decision of the Ministry of the Interior:

·         Those who lose Turkish citizenship by getting permission to quit,

·         Those who lose their Turkish citizenship against their will or will not exercise their right to vote within three years of being mature.

In this way, it is possible for the people who live abroad and get Turkish citizenship by duly leaving their citizenship.

b.      Regaining Turkish Citizenship on the Condition of Residence

Earlier Turkish citizens are Turkish citizenship can acquire Turkish citizenship on condition that caused to lose those three years of residence in Turkey.

·         The Council of Ministers has the authority to enable them to acquire Turkish citizenship. Likewise, using the right to choose whether resident in Turkey who lost their Turkish citizenship, provided that they can re-acquire Turkish citizenship three years of residence in Turkey.

People who lose their Turkish citizenship by losing or being elected should not have any obstacles to national security in order to become Turkish citizens again.

Marriage with a Turkish citizen does not directly confer Turkish citizenship. In order to be able to claim Turkish citizenship due to marriage with a Turkish citizen, the applicant must have been married to a Turkish citizen for at least three years at the time of application and must continue to be married. When these conditions are met, the person is entitled to apply only to Turkish citizenship.

In the event of the prerequisites listed above, the spouse who is married to a Turkish citizen shall have the right to apply to the competent authorities to obtain Turkish citizenship by means of marriage.

The application for citizenship is sent to the Ministry of Interior for decision. With the citizenship decision to be made by the Ministry of Interior, the foreign spouse will gain Turkish citizenship.

Foreigners who acquire Turkish citizenship by marriage shall retain their Turkish citizenship if they have good intentions in the event of a marriage.

In the case of the decision of the marriage of the foreigner who has gained Turkish citizenship by marriage, the Ministry of Interior will be asked through the governorship of the city where the applicant will retain Turkish citizenship.

In order for the marriage to affect the spouse's citizenship, the existence of a legally valid marriage is required. In terms of the license and conditions of marriage, the license and conditions of marriage shall be determined in accordance with the national law of each party. The marriages made in accordance with the license and conditions and form rules are legally valid except for marriages that are deemed to be contrary to the Turkish public order and except for the marriages.

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