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Turkish Passport Advantages in 3 Titles

Turkish Passport Advantages in 3 Titles

Passport is not only a document that is required to travel in the country of destination for business or holiday-oriented trips abroad but also has many advantages too. First, we need to know how to get the passport, how many types of passports are there or what documents are required for the passport.


Having a Passport in General 

One of the most advantages of being a Turkish citizen that it has an opportunity for international flexible official passport validity around the world. And there are 4 different Turkish passports types:

a. Ordinary Passport: general passport-type which is given to Turkish citizens. Foreigners can obtain an ordinary passport with a formal citizenship investigation program,

b. Green Passport: is only given to government employees,

c. Black Passport: given to persons such as bureaucrats or diplomats,

d. Grey Passport: given to journalists, etc.

By new laws, having Turkish passport advantages are now offering visa unconditional in many circumstances entry to 72 countries and the ability to obtain a visa at the border to 42 countries too.

Some of them are;

As Bosnia Herzegovina, Qatar, South Africa, Thailand, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus…

Besides, 7 countries such as Oman and Australia can also be granted visas online with a Turkish passport advantage. In the future as a result of the partnership between Turkey and the European Union, people with Turkish citizenship may able to travel visa-free to many European countries by having a Schengen visa.

What is the Turkish Passport Application Process and More?

Going abroad and participating in most events is getting easier day by day. A plane traveling, or train traveling is a common ideal for a few days of travel and holiday pleasures. It should be good to out-of-town rather than a holiday abroad without straining our budget. Germany, Egypt, Swiss, and more… For that you to need a nice travel plan, a Turkish passport and Turkish passport advantages for that. What is a passport? How can I apply for a Turkish passport? What are the conditions for applying for a Turkish passport? Let's examine these as small substances.


No requirement needs to be required for applying for a Turkish passport application, which can be done personally without age discrimination even if you are not 18 years old. The passport appointment will be made by phone or via the internet before applying for it, then you have to pay the required passport fee. After that, you have to go to the Directorate of The Population with the specified amount of photos that are required for the application form and your ID card. When you go to the Directorate of The Population, your biometric data is processed first and then your biometric photo and your signature is requested to the processes. In the early years, Police General Directorates were doing these operations, but after April 2, 2018, passport applications and operations are carried out by Population Directorates.


The Necessary Documents for Turkish Passport

Before anything else, the official documents must be prepared before the Turkish Passport form. After that, by taking a passport appointment via the internet or telephone and with 2 biometric photographs should be taken to The Population Directorate to. List of required documents:


1) 2 biometric photographs,

2) A personal ID card (Identification card)

3) Your old passport (is optional)

4) Student certificate (if you are a student)

An Appointment for A Turkish Passport Application

After you have prepared all your documents for your Turkish passport application, the other thing you have to do is to make an appointment for your passport application.

You can make an appointment for your passport application in two ways. One is getting a passport appointment by phone. You need to dial the Citizen Interaction Center by dialing number 199 via the phone. It is available on weekdays and weekends from 09:00 to 17:00 time.


The second is to get a passport appointment on the internet.  For that, you need to enter this web address and make an online appointment. In here, you can also make appointments for your identity card or driver's license processing feature on this web page.



Special Passport Opportunities for Underage Children

1) Parental consent is required,

2) If your underage child is a student, 5-year passport valid will issued until he or she becomes 18 years old,


Green Passport

Green passport has 2 advantages

We have got all the information about the advantages of a general passport. What about what are the advantages of a green passport?

1) Being exempt from passport fees:
 People with an ordinary passport have to pay book fees and passport fees to obtain a passport. But people who have a green passport are not required to make a tuition payment. But some conditions to pay the book price, such as only 108 TL is required. This amount may vary according to the regulations set out in the year.

2) Traveling to most countries without visa-fee:

Green Passport has the opportunity to enter 67 or more countries without a visa, which people with an ordinary passport cannot enter without a visa.

Passport Tuition Fees

Not only the citizenship fee but also the passport tuition fees are rearranged annually according to the inflation ratio in the Turkish Republic. Passport fees vary demanding the period of requested time of applications of passport, but also the passport book fee shows an increase in the passport period time.


Passport Duration     Passport Fees     Passport Book Price

6 months                       150,40 TL                    133,00 TL

1 year                            248.26 TL                    133,00 TL

2 years                           405,00 TL                    133,00 TL

3 years                           575,00 TL                    133,00 TL

4 +                                  811,00 TL                   133,00 TL


Turkish Passport in Visa Free Countries


Turkish passport advantages have many opportunities. With a Turkish passport, 71 states out of 155 abroad countries are not required Turkish citizens to apply for a visa, but the other 44 countries are applying for a visa for entry. As an example, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore, also South American countries such as Brazil, Peru, and Colombia, provide visa-free access to their countries.

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