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More Than You Know: Turkish Citizenship Advantages

More Than You Know: Turkish Citizenship Advantages

Do you know the power of the Turkish passport? We will review the worldwide rating of the Turkish passport, the countries that allow visits with the Turkish passport, the benefits of acquiring Turkish citizenship, and the steps to be taken for Turkish citizenship in return for real estate investment. In 2018, the Turkish passport took 39th place with 114 points, allowing visa-free entry to 72 countries, visa-free entry to 42 countries and entry to 7 countries online. Turkish passport holders can enter more than 72 countries without a visa. negotiations and international agreements between the European Union and Turkey, resulting in a positive way and if Turkey joined the as expected the European Union, people who are Turkish citizens will have the right to go on visa-free way to many European countries as having a future Schengen visa.

Turkey's some advantages: the Republic of Turkey;

  • Thanks to its natural beauties, landscapes, beaches, historical values, nightlife and food culture, it welcomes millions of tourists every year.
  • It is one of the most developed countries in terms of tourism in Europe.

The Sea of Marmara, along with the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles, separates the Asian continent from Europe. Therefore, an important place in Turkey because of its location. The country is located in the territory, while a large part of the Asian continent, and is a small part of the European continent. It is adjacent to Bulgaria in the northwest, Greece in the west, Georgia in the northeast, Armenia, Iran and Nakhichevan in the east, Iraq and Syria in the southeast. To the south is the Mediterranean Sea, to the west is the Aegean Sea and to the north is the Black Sea. This is a very important point in keeping the country in touch with different cultures. Apart from these, you can go every season. If you are going for a sea holiday and touring the country, you should choose the summer months. However, if you are going to ski and enjoy the snow, you can choose winter months. When you acquire citizenship or go for a trip, you will not suffer from many eating culture points. Because it has a kitchen that varies according to regions. Black Sea cuisine, southeast cuisine, such as a variety of food cultures are available. Soups include meat and vegetable dishes, pastries and desserts. Tea and Turkish coffee are important as drinks.


Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by General Way

The general way for the admission of foreigners to Turkish citizenship is the citizenship acquired by the foreigner who fulfills the conditions demanding citizenship by application and the state accepts this request. A foreigner who wishes to become a Turkish citizen can acquire Turkish citizenship by the decision of the competent authority if he / she meets the necessary conditions.

The person applying for citizenship behaviors indicating that decided to settle in Turkey:

Turkey to buy immovable property, make investments, establish a business in Turkey or work over a job, a marriage with a Turkish citizen, are concrete behaviors revealed his intention to settle in Turkey as a family to apply to acquire Turkish citizenship. In this context, education, tourist or temporary business travel and apply for citizenship of the person residing in Turkey for temporary purposes such as the treatment cannot be accepted. For this reason, we recommend you to visit http://www.propertytr.com/ if you are considering acquiring property. Because with the above features, Turkish citizenship advantages have many features.

Exception Of Turkish Citizenship As Exception

Provided that there is no danger to national security and public order, the following foreigners may acquire Turkish citizenship by the proposal of the Ministry and the decision of the Council of Ministers.

a) Alternatively, provide citizenship recognition applications across industrial sectors in Turkey economic returns, to offer an exceptional service as does scientific research in socio-cultural activities, that long or will be taken into account in the short term and in the ministry of rights of foreign reasoned proposal presented,
b) Foreigners who hold a residence permit in accordance with the Law on Foreigners and International Protection Nr. 6458 and the holder of a Turquoise Card and their foreign spouse, their minor and dependent children,
c) Foreigners deemed necessary for naturalization,
d) foreigners acceptable immigrants (descendants and is connected to Turk Turks come alone or in bulk culture to settle Turkey 5543 Settlement are recognized as foreign immigrant according to the Law)

The Ministry rejects the requests of those who are in a position to constitute an obstacle in terms of national security and public order. The procedures for applying for exceptional citizenship and gaining Turkish citizenship shall be carried out by the Ministry of Interior.

Reference: Turkish citizenship application, the prefecture of the place of residence in Turkey, the Republic of Turkey abroad embassy, consulate or consular made to.

• The application for Turkish citizenship can be made by the person who wishes to acquire citizenship or by the proxy given by an official proxy. Applications made by post are not accepted. Applicants do not have the authority to decide on the basis of requests for naturalization.

The application authorities may determine whether the procedural requirements of the application have been fulfilled.

As a rule, the decision-making authority in the citizenship decision is the Ministry of Interior. However, the Council of Ministers has the authority to decide citizenship in exceptional ways to acquire Turkish citizenship. Likewise, with the decision of having the Turkish citizenship lost, the Council of Ministers has the authority to reinstate Turkish citizenship.

Turkey, ancient and contemporary, is a modern country's fascinating blend of East and West offering. Turkey has a history of 10,000 years of civilization. Prehistoric times, Anatolian civilizations, Roman, Seljuk Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the modern Republic of Turkey. With such features, Turkish citizenship advantages are numerous.

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