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Your Guidebook To Get Citizenship In Turkey By Investment

Your Guidebook To Get Citizenship In Turkey By Investment

Turkey is one of the few places which has got everything to offer. If you are filled with wanderlust then the serene views will entertain you surely. But if you are a true businessman then you will get the chance to invest in the fastest growing economy here. No matter what, getting a citizenship in Turkey by investment will only work in your favour.

However, there are still some pitfalls that need to be avoided when investing here. And that is why we have brought the best guide to invest you in Turkey and get your citizenship…

  • Make a list of properties and agents
  • Properly inspect the land
  • Get familiar with the surroundings
  • Verify if the land is cleared of outstanding dues and NOC
  • Hire legal and experience professionals


Get citizenship in Turkey by investment by making a list

The first and foremost task to do is start making a list. This list should consist of the properties you like and well-known real estate agents. Pinpoint the apartment or villa you are interested in and then start asking for offers from different agents. Then you can compare these offers and choose the suitable one for you. If the offer sounds too good to be true, then you need to double check.

Inspection is essential to get citizenship in Turkey by investment

As said above, if the offer sounds cheap then you need to fix an appointment to physically inspect the land. Make sure that all the water lines are proper and the bills are paid off etc. For more technical inspection you may need to hire a professional home inspector. It will cost you mere $200 approximately. But you will be saved from all the future hassles. Plus, if you could find out any damages in the property you can make the seller lessen the price with it.

Get familiar with the surrounding areas

To be more specific, learn of the neighbourhood is free of any danger. Such as, if the area has ever faced any criminal activities, if the emergency department quick to respond in the area or not etc. All of this will secure your citizenship in Turkey by investment for you and your family. Plus, it will also help you to know if all the public accommodation is available near your house. For example, public transportation, shopping malls, school, hospitals etc.

Buy a property that is cleared of outstanding dues and NOC

If you are getting a property at a much cheaper rate then it may have some problems with the No Objection Certificate. The competent authorities must give you the NOC, in order to get a hold of a property that is free of mortgage.  Otherwise you won’t be a legal ownership of the property even after investing and signing the lease.

And when it comes to the outstanding dues, it is related to the military department of Turkey. Turkey has numerous military lands, so make sure that the land does not belong to the military.

Hire a lawyer for the legalization

It is always better to hire legal help for the job, even though the agent helps with the contract signing process. Because they also work for the seller of the property, getting your own lawyer helps. Sometimes the seller may include some loopholes and hidden clause on your lease that can be identified only by a lawyer. They can also give you legal advice upon getting the citizenship in Turkey by investment. So, it will be a win-win situation for you. Don’t worry, the whole process of buying and selling is pretty smooth and quick in this country.

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