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The Requirement Of Necessary Turkey Citizenship By Investment Documents

The Requirement Of Necessary Turkey Citizenship By Investment Documents

Invest in properties in Turkey and obtain the citizenship of the State just in 2 months. As discussed earlier, citizenship by investment is the easiest way to acquire citizenship. For Arabs, it has been a great attraction and deal to invest in properties in return for citizenship. You also receive additional opportunities like residence permit, citizenship for spouses and children, free business permit, etc. To obtain Turkish citizenship, you need an authentic and strong file of documents. Let’s take a look at the necessary turkey citizenship by investment documents.


Required documents for citizenship program

The first step is to acquire a property worth $250,000. The amount is verified by real estate appraisers.

After purchasing a property, you need;

  • Photocopy and original hard copy of the purchased property deed (tabu).
  • Payment receipt from the buyer’s account stamped directly by the bank.
  • A similar document is required by the seller. Payment receipt from the seller's account stamped directly by the bank.
  • Copies of the citizenship agency by the investor to be granted by the company’s legal team. They submit the file of citizenship and follow up with the official department. 
  • Translated document of the Notary’s certified passport along with the passport of the entire family (wife, children under the age of 18, and husband).

Turkey citizenship by investment documents required by the owner and his family

There are many official documents required at the time of acquiring citizenship when applying on behalf of the entire family.

  • Application form for obtaining the consent of the spouse to grant children (below the age of 18) citizenship.
  • A registered marriage document or contract, proving the applicant's marital status.
  • Birth certificate, including the name of both the parents.
  • Family statement documents or family book.
  • 2 colored photos of the whole family.
  • All application forms must be filled in with the utmost care.

Required documents for the residence permit

  • Carefully filled in application forms for a residence permit.
  • Certification of conformity.
  • Original and photocopy of passport.
  • Biometric photos.
  • Valid health insurance.

Verification of necessary official documents

All the official presented documents must be verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey issuing the documents and the Turkish representation in the country, mainly the Turkish embassy or consultant. If the Turkish embassy is unable to verify the documents, it should be verified by the representation of that country in Turkey. It must also be verified by the Notary.

Simple 4 step rule for obtaining citizenship

To procure turkey citizenship by investment, four simple and convenient methods are available. Proven to be the most effective way to fulfill your purpose, follow the simple steps, and enjoy dual nationalities' perks.

Look for a property– There are multiple places in Turkey that has the potential of being an excellent choice for real estate investors. What you do have to keep in mind is the tax registration. Obtain a tax registration number for convenient buying.

Certificate of eligibility– To invest and buy a property in Turkey, you have to be eligible. There are specific eligibility criteria that you must fulfill. To pave the way for a smooth procurement, carry a certificate of eligibility that can help you ease the way at the time of buying. For this step, you have to apply to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre.

Residence permit– After purchasing the property, you have to obtain a legal residence permit to apply for a Turkish passport. Usually, this process is completed on the same day, and you receive your permit immediately after application.

Apply for citizenship- As soon as you complete the three steps, applying for citizenship is the last. In 2 months, you're given your Turkish citizenship.

All turkish citizenship by investment documents must be authentic and well maintained. In the case of forgery, the Turkish government can take serious legal action against you and your family. 

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