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How to Get Turkish Citizenship by Descent?

How to Get Turkish Citizenship by Descent?

Before explaining the acquisition of Turkish citizenship by descent, it is useful to answer the question of how to acquire and lose Turkish citizenship. According to the Turkish citizenship laws; the acquisition and loss of Turkish citizenship terms are stated in detailed.

Laws are applied as specified unless revised and amended. However, it is better to consult a specialist before applying the rules.

Before learning the details of being a Turkish citizen by descent; you will need to learn about how Turkish citizenship is acquired in general. You can reach detailed information about how Turkish citizenship is acquired in the continuation of our article.

It is possible to you to apply Turkish citizenship due to the realization of a marriage contract, birth, deciding to live in etc.

If you like turkey and attractive to you if you come to live in Turkey, Turkey can apply for citizenship. Once you have met the requirements for Turkish citizenship, it is also possible to maintain your nationality and become a dual citizen.


The Conditions of Being a Turkish Citizen

There are various conditions for becoming a Turkish citizen and it is not difficult to become a Turkish citizen by inheritance. For example; if you marry a Turkish citizen, you can become a Turkish citizen within 3 years.

Basic requirements for citizenship are as follows:

– You should be in good mental wellbeing, it is required in order to receive citizenship in Turkey.

– You should also not have a criminal record.

– You should speak English at a basic level.

– In case you are not married with a Turkish citizen, you need to prove you can provide for yourself financially in Turkey. For example, if you have a job, your income should cover your monthly expenses. Or, if you have purchased real estate, you will have to pay for your income.

– In order to become a Turkish citizen, it will be advantageous to participate in cultural activities such as sports where you work.

– In case of divorce after marrying with a Turkish citizen, your citizenship does not lose its validity.

– Children whose parents are foreign and have born in Turkey, they have not entitled to be a Turkish citizen.

How Can I Become A Turkish Citizen?

You must meet certain conditions to get Turkish citizenship by descent. You can apply for citizenship after obtaining the following documents for individual and parents.

Individual Application for Turkish Citizenship

– Photocopy of the identity card (front and back) and its translation into Turkish,

-Photocopy of the said identity card (or passport) or a document mentioning it with its translation into Turkish,

– Birth certificate – Integral copy with all marginal references and its translation into Turkish,

– If married: Marriage certificate / to apply to the mayor of your district and its translation into Turkish,

– If single: certificate of celibacy / to apply to the mayor of your district and its translation into Turkish,

– If divorced: Document proving your divorce and its translation into Turkish,

– 2 passport photos

Turkish Parents of the Application

– Verbal process of the Turkish citizen parent (mother and / or father) (Turkey Consulate General of Naturalization Service),

– If Turkish mother and / or father died, if one of the parents: Consulate General of Turkey and the Organization of the brothers by Citizenship / or reports received from the relevant persons from the sisters and the third degree. Assets are mandatory on request.

– Photocopy of mother and father's Turkish identity card (front and back),

– Parents from other nationalities: photocopy of current citizenship ID cards (front and back) and translation into Turkish,

– If the parents are married: a copy of the Turkish family registry,

– If the marriage is formalized in the municipality of another country: Copy of marriage certificate and translation into Turkish, family booklet and translation into Turkish. Pages required: pages containing information of spouses and children.

A person residing in Turkey, if it meets the following criteria, married with nationals of Turkish citizenship by descent include. In Turkey it must be a resident for a minimum of 5 years and must demonstrate good moral values against the environment.

Exceptions to Being a Turkish Citizen

Even if he has not lived in the country for at least five years, there are exceptional circumstances that allow him to acquire citizenship. They are concerned:

  • Children born with people who lost Turkish nation,
  • Married adult people with origins and children in Turkey,
  • Individuals who want to live and stay there in Turkey,
  • People involved in the development of the country
  • Persons whose citizenship is indispensable according to the Council of Ministers.

Taking Turkish citizenship by descent can be done through blood ties or acceptability. However, some exceptions have been made by the Council of Ministers to take advantage of the situation.

The Conditions of Being Turkish Citizen by Descent

  • If your parents are Turkish citizens, you will automatically get a Turkish citizenship by descent after you are born. For individuals of Turkish citizens it is possible to become a Turkish citizen by adoption.
  • In order to become a citizen by marriage contract, both spouses must share the same roof and the marriage must have lasted at least three years.
  • A foreigner married to a Turk automatically acquires Turkish nationality if she declares, that she wishes to acquire Turkish nationality, or if, as a result of her marriage, she has lost her former nationality.
  • In case of nullity of the marriage, the woman who was in good faith in the contracting party can retain her Turkish nationality.
  • Children born out of a null marriage may retain Turkish nationality even if their father and mother were not in good faith.

Benefits and Advantages of Being Turkish Citizenship 

– If you apply to become a Turkish citizen, your child and your spouse also have the right to citizenship.

– You can apply for citizenship if you live in a certain time in Turkey as well.

– Visa applications can be facilitated, as a Turkish citizen you can travel to many countries without a visa.

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